Best SEO Plugins for your Real Estate WordPress Blog

When I hear people talk about websites and getting "Found Online" the word I hear the most is CONTENT.  Yes, it is all about content, but I will take it a step further.  It is all about Optimized Content.  Having good content on your website or blog is great but it has to be [...]

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3 Bad Traits of a Buyer Real Estate Agent-What Consumers Should Know

There are no shortages of Realtors out there in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area.  Many of these Realtors are buyer's agents.  What this means is exactly that...they work primarily with people buying a home.  Many of them...their first home.  The cycle of a Realtor is usually as they begin their career they start working [...]

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I’m a New Title Insurance Sales Rep-How Do I Succeed? are a new Title Insurance Sales Rep?  First off I want to say "welcome to the field!"  Being in the Title Insurance business is very rewarding and fun.  It can also be frustrating and upsetting at times.  I remember my first day as a Title Sales Rep for a Title Company in Phoenix, AZ.  [...]

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Why You Should Refinance your FHA Loan before June 3rd 2013

Do you have an FHA Loan?  An FHA Loan is a mortgage loan you might currently have on your home.  If you do, you should refinance your FHA loan before June 3rd as some changes are on the way that could cost you more money.  The main selling point of FHA (Federal Housing Administration) [...]

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How to Market your Real Estate Subdivision Without Using Postcards

As I meet with Realtors on a day to day basis as the Director of Sales/Marketing for Stewart Title in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area I hear all kinds of comments from Realtors...almost like a "wish list" they have to be more savvy, more successful in Real Estate. They want to standout in the infamous [...]

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