The Importance of a Good Real Estate Call to Action

Last week I was meeting with a Realtor and we were talking about their business and how myself and Stewart Title can help expand their reach, streamline processes, and get more business.  As usual, I was asking all kinds of questions about their current Real Estate marketing tactics and what is working but more [...]

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Best Social Media Platform for Real Estate You’re Not Using

I was giving an hour talk/class for a Real Estate association last week and I was talking about how to "Future Proof" your Real Estate business for 2014.  We covered WordPress for Realtors, Video, and Social Networks...which ones to use and more importantly...WHY.  As usual I like to take a poll the Realtors/Lenders in [...]

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Homeowner Workshop to Avoid Foreclosure November 14th!

Do you own a home and might need to know WHAT your options are regarding doing a Short Sale vs Foreclosure?  If not you know someone else who is in that situation?  My Realtor client Tina Collazo of Re/Max Gateway is hosting a FREE Homeowner Workshop at my Stewart Title office in Fairfax [...]

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Split Settlement Closing for my Real Estate Transactions?

The split settlement closing...something that I see on a more frequent basis since moving to the East Coast from Phoenix, AZ.  As the Director of Sales/Marketing for Stewart Title and having been in the Title business since 2005, this type of transaction confuses me.  The reason it confuses me is because it complicates the [...]

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