Tips to Revamping your Real Estate Website

Are you looking at revamping your Real Estate website? You might be thinking "No...why would I?"  Well lets start with a few questions.  What platform are you using for your site?  How many people a month do you get to your site?  Do you pay a monthly fee?  Where do you rank on Google [...]

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Stewart Title Makes Forbes Top 50 Most Trustworthy Companies List

Normally I don't talk a lot on this website about Title Insurance or even Stewart Title...but today I am.  A couple of days ago Stewart Title was named to the Forbes List of Top 50 Most Trustworthy Companies in 2014.  This is a HUGE honor as a National Title Insurance Company, but even bigger because we were [...]

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Facebook Business Page for Real Estate – Should I Get One?

The Facebook Business page...remember when EVERYONE had one because it was the thing to do? Every Real Estate agent I knew thought that as soon as they put together their FREE business page it was going to be just like having an awesome website that was going to bring in leads, and people from all [...]

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