Real Estate Company Websites – 5 Reasons Why Google Won’t Rank Them

How many real estate company Websites are there in the United States?  There are around 1.4 million licensed agents in the US so you can guess that the number is pretty high.  Ever notice that these real estate company websites rarely (if ever) are ranked on the 1st page of Google for any type [...]

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WhoHub – #1 Business App for Real Estate Agents to Increase Referrals

Why is it that the most effective applications and marketing tools are often the most simple to understand?  When I meet with Realtors on a daily basis, they tell me that easy to understand marketing concepts resonate best with them. Understandable. Technology, especially apps are not supposed to be difficult to use. The concept [...]

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Why Realtors Get Blocked or Unfriended on Social Media

As we draw closer to a Presidential election, we also enter a time where Realtors get blocked or unfriended on social media. Why? They just can’t control themselves when it comes to their favorite political candidate, social cause, and their every random thought. Doing this can cause Realtors and lenders to lose business and [...]

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