Instagram is a great platform for Realtors. Instagram is completely visual based and so is real estate. The platform also has the ability for Realtors to create a brand, and expose their business to thousands and thousands of people. Every realtor I know would love to grow their Instagram following but many of them find stagnation. After the initial follows of their friends and family and past clients, how do you organically grow your following outside of those people? Here are three ways Realtors can grow their Instagram following.
1. You Need to be in your Content
Pictures of motivational posters and other mundane items are not going to move the needle. As a Realtor, you are the product and the brand. People ultimately buy from you. If you know this to be true, why would you not want to feature yourself in your content? This can be pictures, but more importantly, it should be video content where you are letting people know how you solved a problem, answered a question, or just did something fun with friends or family.

The end goal is for people to get to know and like you perhaps before ever meeting you. Creating that upfront trust and likeability will move the needle. If you have thought that you don’t want to be on camera, or that using a free medium to promote your brand isn’t important, I would talk to other agents you know who have created success on Instagram to get their opinions.

2. Reels and Stories
To go along with the theme of being in your content, shooting Instagram Reels and story videos will also increase the likelihood of your Instagram account being discovered by people outside of your followers. Instagram rewards video content over anything else, so this should be your top priority when using the platform. Videos first and using still photos as secondary content. Creating video content on a regular to semi-regular basis also helps keep your brand and messages in front of your growing audience. If you post very infrequently or mostly post still photos, that is hurting the potential growth of your Instagram account.
3. Not Promoting your Instagram Account
As a Realtor who wants people to follow them on Instagram, you have to promote and market that you have an Instagram account that has valuable and fun content. You should be promoting your account on all of your marketing, as calls to action on any videos you shoot, signage, and more. Your Instagram account shouldn’t be a secret. Let as many people as possible know that they should be following you so they can be informed and somewhat entertained. Lack of promoting your account will only hold you back from the follower stagnation you currently are having.
Instagram is a great tool for any Realtor to create a following and get eyes on them, their brand, and their business 24/7. The more quality followers you have, the greater the likelihood of generating more relationships and potential business. Look at these three pitfalls that plague many Realtors and make a plan to start creating educational and informative content that makes the watcher smarter and you more valuable.

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