Do you have a WordPress website or thinking of getting one? In my travels in the Title Insurance industry and working directly with Realtors on their websites, I have seen the pitfalls Realtors go through learning how to use them. The $99 a month site, the real estate company websites (template), the site that isn’t set up correctly, and of course, the website that is a business card online and never updated. Even if a direct referral is given to a Realtor, that person is STILL going to look them up! When they do…what will they find? Perception is reality in real estate, so let’s talk about why Realtors should dump these crappy websites, and instead use WordPress. Knowing how to use this amazing tool can change your business. Here are some beginner WordPress Website Tips for Realtors when they are getting started.

1. Change your WordPress Password

In many cases, when your WordPress website is built, your password is set as “Admin.” Your first order of business is to change this! Hackers or spammers will use this password first when looking to get inside. They will also try your first/last name as your password. Set your password as something complicated with symbols, upper/lowercase letters, numbers, and punctuation.

2. Create a SEO Friendly “Site Title”

The phrase on the top left of most websites, named your “Site Title.” In WordPress you can alter your site title anytime you wish. When you get started, think of your target audience and use a keyword or phrase that they would put into a search engine and get to you! For example, my site title is “Stewart Title Realtor and Lender Marketing.” Stewart Title is a desirable phrase that gets online traffic. So does Stewart Title Marketing, Stewart Title Realtor Marketing, Stewart Title Lender Marketing, etc. I think you get the hint. Have your site title be specific to what you do and your target audience.

3. Install Plugins…but not too many!

One of the many advantages WordPress has over other platforms are the plugins (think apps to your phone) that is installed to enhance your website. Several plugins are SEO driven, others are designed to keep people on your site longer, and others can’t be seen visually, but help your site get found by the search engines or protect it from hackers. Each plugin has “weight” and can affect the speed of your website as it loads. Also, by having too many plugins on your site it can crash which you don’t want to happen. Here are a few of my favorite to get you started:

  • Yoast SEO (Platinum)
  • iThemes Security
  • Gravity Forms–Forms Plugin
  • Broken Link Checker
  • YARPP-Yet another related post plugin
  • Google XML Sitemaps–might not need this if you set up your sitemaps in Yoast SEO
  • Starbox–this plugin allows you to add a photo and bio at the bottom of your blog posts or pages.

4. Update your WordPress Site When Updates Occur

Have an Apple product? When the new IOS updates occur, you usually update your phone or iPad. WordPress also has updates periodically that make the platform even better to use. When these updates happen, feel free to update your website and have it run on the latest version of WordPress. This will improve the functionality of your site.

5. Create Specific Blog Categories

Yes, creating content on your site is super important. Just having it sit there does next to nothing for you. One of the best beginner WordPress websites tips I can give is to set up specific blog categories under Posts-Categories. Examples of categories for your blog posts can be:

  • 1st Time Home buyer information
  • Real Estate Listings
  • XYZ Subdivision information
  • Tips for Arlington Home Sellers
  • Northern Virginia Market Trends

“Tips for summer fun” or “things to do in Alexandria” are not great categories. When you create a post, drop it into a category so when someone is on your site looking for specific information they can find it and read just those posts vs searching your entire site.

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