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Back in the day I used to have a Blackberry…great phone(at the time) and I used it like crazy.  You could say that I was almost addicted!  It had many bells and whistles and it had the capability to make my life and my business run easier.  Then something called the iPhone came out.  I still didn’t budge away from my Blackberry.  I didn’t want to move away from what I knew worked for me.  Finally, after a couple years on my Blackberry I decided to give the iPhone a shot and within a couple days of owning it (iPhone4S) I was kicking myself for not switching over sooner…ahhh!!!  What was I thinking!?  The iPhone4S has SOOO much more capability to enhance my business and life with the seemingly endless apps and technology.  Why am I telling you this story?  Well, the same applies in business as it relates to Title Companies that Realtors and Lenders use.  Here are the 5 reasons WHY Real Estate agents are switching to Stewart Title and Escrow to handle their marketing needs and close their transactions:

1.)  Marketing, Marketing, Marketing

Unlike 99% of our competition we offer VALUE ADDED marketing for our Real Estate and Lender clients.  We have built our marketing department to fit any agent regardless if they are new to the business or very experienced.  Most Realtors I have come across want LEADS!  Well, we offer that.  Farming Subdivision Leads, Short Sale Leads, Renter Leads, FSBO Leads…you name it, we provide it to help YOU target market specific people that have a specific need at a specific time.  This is HUGE!  Ask one of our competitors for the same information…they won’t be providing it.  This is just the tip of the iceberg.  We also offer Wise Agent, great Real Estate CRM that does EVERYTHING in your Real Estate business.  Full Circle Short Sale Division that allows you to pass off the busy work so your Short Sale is processed and negotiated by professionals who do this everyday.  The list goes on and on as we set you up for success going forward by finding out WHO your ideal client and matching up our marketing accordingly. 

2.) Website, WordPress, and Video Training

This is 2013…the days of blasting direct mail to a large group of people is over.  Today, over 90% of consumers go online first to watch videos, look at homes, and read content( blogs like this one) to gain and gather information before making the decision to call or email the Real Estate Agent to buy or sell a home. That is great…but what if you don’t know HOW to write content, optimize your website, shoot and upload videos into your blog, setup your YouTube Channel and tag/optimize your videos?  These things don’t seem like something that a Title Company should help you with right?  WRONG!  They should…and we do…and it costs you NOTHING!  Do you have a Real Estate website?  Do you know HOW to get found online by people looking for you?  Does your current Title Company offer to help and show you HOW?  If not…you know what to do. 

Real Estate Marketing Classes

Your typical Title Company in the Northern Virginia/DC area does classes…just not ones that really help you with your specific marketing problems.  Every agent needs Fair Housing, Agency Law, or how to read a HUD-1.  Those classes are all great and do have value, but besides offering these same classes to our clients, ours also include:

Wise Agent/CRM Training

HUB Marketing

How to Lead Generate for Listings in this Market

-How to Create Engaging Online Content for the Web

-Your Real Estate Website-How to Get Found Online

Think about your needs as a Realtor…would these classes be of value to you?  Change can be hard, but we can agree the way that business and marketing is done in Real Estate has certainly changed.  Stewart Title and Escrow will teach you HOW to do these things so your business can evolve.

4.) National Title Insurance Underwriter

There are only 4 Title Insurance Underwriters in the United States.  Stewart Title is one of them.  What this means is that every one of our competitors who does Settlements gets their Title Insurance from one of the 4 underwriters…us being one of them.  The advantage of being a direct underwriter is that we can move things along faster by not farming out our Title Insurance and also decisions on files where there are Title issues can be made instantly.  This is a huge bonus for our clients when working with us.

5.) Over 100 Years of Experience

If I was going in for a medical procedure I would like to know that not just any doctor is working on me.  I would want a doctor who is very professional and has a lot of experience and knowledge.  This is exactly what we offer at Stewart Title.  Our processors combined have over 100 years of experience closing all types of transactions.  When working with a Title Company you want people with so much knowledge that you feel very comfortable reaching out to them with any question knowing that it is the probably the 1000th time they have gone through this same transactional scenario.

Ready to Switch Title Companies?

After reading this blog…how does your current Title Company relationship match up?  In this business it is important to align yourself with teammates that will help you become better and grow your business.  Stewart Title and Escrow wants to be that teammate.  If you wish to set up an appointment to discuss your Real Estate business please fill out the form below.

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