Christmas is here, as is the end of 2012.  Every year for Christmas people ask to be with friends, family, gifts, and other things that bring them joy and celebrate the year.  Ever ask Santa for a NEW Real Estate marketing strategy…and HOW to implement it correctly so you attract buyers, sellers, and other people that are trying to do business with you?  It would be great if Santa could just bring that answer to you in your stocking!  You see, in today’s Real Estate world it is not who the best Real Estate agent is…it is WHO is the best marketer.  Consumers don’t search for Real Estate agents or companies in newspapers, phone books or on grocery store shopping carts.  What consumers do is search for homes in certain subdivisions, near schools, amenities, in price ranges.  Consumers then contact the Realtor who is “found” after that search.  The scary statistic is that roughly 80% of consumers will use the first Real Estate agent they find that can answer their questions or solve their problems.  You want to get on the right track of growing your Real Estate business?  Be that first agent!  So…do you need a NEW Real Estate Marketing plan?

Let me tell you a story…

I recently met with a Real Estate agent that told me he was sending out 400 postcards a month to a farm(subdivision).  He was sending out sports schedules, recipe cards, and an occasional Real Estate related card.  At .42 cents a card he was spending $168 a month on postage plus another $200 on print = $368 a month total.  Over the course of 12 months he did receive calls, and 1 listing.  The home is still on the market.  By his own admission, his website is “nice” but he is not generating any leads.  His postcards have no “Call to Action” to drive the people in the Farm he is mailing to his website.  He doesn’t use much social media but he does have a Facebook page.  Over the course of a year he spent over $4,400 and has created little to NO engagement with the people in the farm.  The people in the farm have never met him (other than the listing) rarely spoke, and have NEVER seen him a video answering Real Estate questions or solving their problems.  Since he isn’t doing anything to cause engagement these consumers have no reason to reach out to him.  His value has not been conveyed.

Create Online Engagement which leads to…

Off line meetings and relationships.  Over 90% of consumers go to Google, Yahoo, Bing, or YouTube to begin their home buying search.  Look at your own behavior…isn’t that where you go?  Where did you do some or most of your Christmas shopping this year?  Did you trek to the mall and hate life, or did you go to and other websites and do your shopping there?  The same things pertains to Real Estate.  The people in the Farm(Subdivision) have had and will have Real Estate needs.  Homes did sell in the farm in 2012, buyers were present, my Realtor in the last paragraph was not…at least not in the way that consumers respond.

Leveraging your Social Media outlets to convey “reach” like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest is becoming even more important.  Why?  Cause that is where people are…and where they go to interact.  Use these mediums to chat, interact, and convey value to people you know and currently have relationships with.  Use your WordPress Real Estate website to create online content that buyers, sellers, and other consumers would look for when they have a Real Estate need.  That content is not just listings and testimonials, but blogs and videos.

Social Proof

The conveyance of “Social Proof” is getting bigger and bigger.  Look at Yelp, Angie’s List, Google Reviews, Website Testimonials, and product testimonials.  Before consumers (and YOU) consider buying a product, using a service, or going somewhere for vacation or dinner we seek out Social Proof.  A great way to extend your Real Estate marketing plan for next year is to integrate Social Proof as much as possible.  Ask for client reviews to be written, client testimonials, and VIDEO testimonials and add those to your social media channels, website, and other places to convey value to people who are needing your services.  What NOT to do is blast out business related information, your latest listings, that your the top agent in your office, etc. on social media sites that are not business related.  People hate to be sold to on Facebook.  Use your Business Page for that then drive those people to your website where they can get even more Social Proof about you.

Need Help?

I realize this isn’t easy, and changing to match consumer behavior can be tough.  That is where I come in to help you.  As the Director of Sales and Marketing for Stewart Title and Escrow my job is to help our clients become smarter, more savvy, and do more business than anyone else.  Is your current Title Company helping you grow your Real Estate business…or do they just take your contracts and refinances?  If its is the latter please fill out the form below and I will contact you shortly!

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