Ask These Questions Before Accepting a Title Sales Rep Position

There are a portion of the Title Sales reps who reach out to me who are about to take the job or have just started.  Once I start asking specific questions about the expectations laid upon them, the compensation plan, and their 60-90-day ramp-up goals, many are at a loss for words. These Title [...]

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The Best Direct Mail Marketing Tactic for Realtors

Direct mail marketing isn't dead. Many real estate agents around the country have massive success with direct mail marketing pieces. There is a reason for this. They send their direct mail to very specific audiences so that means very specific messages. They also have another trick up their sleeve, and that is they don't [...]

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Signs You Need to Hire a Title Insurance Sales Coach

Title sales is one of the most interesting jobs in the real estate industry. In most instances, the Title rep has the ability to build their own book of business and create unlimited income potential. The issue is there is little to no training to create the success desired. I know this from speaking [...]

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Why Solely Relying on Referrals is a Bad Idea in this Market

I was meeting with a Realtor prospect the other day and she said something that made me stop in my tracks. "Wade, I'm not getting very many referral phone calls. I think I need to find other ways to generate clients." Does this sound familiar to your real estate business as well? This shouldn't be [...]

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3 Ways Realtors Can Grow their Instagram Following

Instagram is a great platform for Realtors. Instagram is completely visual based and so is real estate. The platform also has the ability for Realtors to create a brand, and expose their business to thousands and thousands of people. Every realtor I know would love to grow their Instagram following but many of them find [...]

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How Video is the NEW Real Estate Prospecting

In a literal sense to most Realtors, prospecting is dialing for dollars, reaching out to their sphere of influence, or going to networking events."Prospecting" is also something many Realtors don't like to do. When I hear this I cringe a little, but I also remind them that video is the new real estate prospecting. [...]

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Why Title Companies Aren’t Really Title Companies…Anymore

If you are a Title Company owner or have decision-making powers at some level in 2023, you might notice that the thing you used to talk about and sell, is becoming the last thing you talk about and sell. I remember when part of a Title rep's elevator speech was about how great their [...]

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3 Ways to Maximize your Title Company Relationship

Having been in the Title business since 2005 and in two major real estate markets let’s just say I’ve seen most things in this business.  Realtors and lenders leverage their Title Company relationship in different ways. Some leverage the relationship far more than others. Others don’t know how to leverage the relationship at all. [...]

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My Worst Day in the Title Insurance Sales Business

If you have been following along on my blog and video journey since 2012 on this website or read my articles in NOVA/DC Real Producers Magazine, you may look at me in a certain way. Maybe you see me as an expert in the Title Insurance Sales business or someone who has always been [...]

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Need More Listings? Target these Home Sellers

Look at your current business inventory. Do you need more listings? If you have been looking for homes on the MLS lately, it kind of crickets when it comes to homes entering the market. There are many reasons why we are at a stagnated point in house inventory, to lack of builders building, homeowners [...]

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