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Protect Your Real Estate Transaction from Hacker Wire Scam

Recently in the last few months we have seen a ramp up of hacking attempts to steal money from homeowners trying to close on their real estate transaction. This hacker wire scam is fairly savvy and has worked on a few occasions. Most notably, last week in the Washington DC area, a family wired [...]

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A Bridge Loan Explained – The Secret Weapon for Home Sellers

Have you heard of a "bridge loan?"  Many people have, but don't know exactly what it does or how to get one. A bridge loan product is designed to help people “bridge” the equity from their current home to the next.   Not all mortgage lenders offer residential bridge loans because of risk, and the fact they [...]

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Top Mortgage Questions and Answers Consumers Need to Know!

Today I’m doing something I don’t normally do, and that is have a “guest blogger” on the website.  There are a lot of consumers out there looking for specific mortgage information when it comes to buying a home or refinancing.  I reached out to my buddy Jay Richardson with MVB Mortgage in Fairfax, VA [...]

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CFPB Information – Will the New Mortgage Disclosures Delay my Closing?

Getting up to date CFPB information is a good thing, especially when it comes from your trusted Title Company partner. Stewart Title has taken the lead in our industry at educating our Realtor and Lender partners on this issue that will effect everyone starting October 3rd 2015.  Usually on this website I'm creating all [...]

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Top 3 Traits of a Good Loan Officer in Northern Virginia

I'm just going to come right out and say it...I feel bad for Loan Officers.  Why you ask?  Well, many people blame them directly for our Foreclosure and Short Sale crisis that has plagued our great country for the past 5 years or so.  There were thousands of people out there that did a [...]

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Rising Interest Rates-Should I Buy a Home Now?

In today's market we have seen a shift with rising interest rates. This rise has occurred over the last 30 days or so due to the Federal Govt deciding to "taper" off the bond buying program that has caused rates to remain below 4% for much of the last 12 months.  The rising interest [...]

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Why You Should Refinance your FHA Loan before June 3rd 2013

Do you have an FHA Loan?  An FHA Loan is a mortgage loan you might currently have on your home.  If you do, you should refinance your FHA loan before June 3rd as some changes are on the way that could cost you more money.  The main selling point of FHA (Federal Housing Administration) [...]

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Refinancing Your Northern Virginia Home in 2013…Easy as 1,2,3!

2012 has ended and a new year has began.  People like to create New Years resolutions and hopefully stick with them.  It seems that more and more new years resolutions revolve around saving money, adding more to the IRA or 401K, paying off debt(s) and becoming more financially secure.  Makes sense especially after our [...]

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Refinance or Short Sale? Why its a Good Idea to Consider Both!

You may not know it but we are currently experiencing a time in Real Estate that has never existed before...EVER.  The market was so hot in 2004-2006, then the market crashed in August in 2007 with interest rates in the 6.5% range.  Housing values took a huge dive!  Some markets were hurt more than [...]

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