In this section you will learn ALL aspects of Real Estate Marketing and how it applies to today’s Real Estate Agent and Mortgage Lender.

Hyper Local Blogging in Real Estate – Own Your Marketing Area

I have been saying this for a long time and if you have read any of my previous blogs I like to state that in the online world of blogging, video, and content marketing it is all about being "something to someone" vs everything to everyone."  This applies especially to blogging in Real Estate [...]

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Real Estate Agent Branding – What is your Personal Brand?

Coca Cola--Nike--Under Armor--Jordan--what do these all have in common?  That's right...they are all a BRAND!  When you read those names you probably had images of each one pop into your head and what that brand means to you.  When a consumer hears "Real Estate Agent" or your name...what do they think?  What is your [...]

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How to Generate More Real Estate Listings – In this Market

The Real Estate market in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area is very hot.  Homes are flying off the shelves and Real Estate agents are busy negotiating contracts.  The issue in the DC area and around the entire country is a shortage of homes on the market to buy.  There are 10 buyers for every [...]

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How to Market your Real Estate Subdivision Without Using Postcards

As I meet with Realtors on a day to day basis as the Director of Sales/Marketing for Stewart Title in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area I hear all kinds of comments from Realtors...almost like a "wish list" they have to be more savvy, more successful in Real Estate. They want to standout in the infamous [...]

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5 Rules Before Publishing your Real Estate Blog

In this age of information where we are constantly reading news, watching videos, and searching for answers to our questions on places like Google, Yahoo, and Bing it is necessary to be writing and putting out engaging content that your target audience finds valuable.  Being a Real Estate agent is hard...not easy like others believe.  [...]

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Fox Mill Estates in Herndon-Why You Should Buy Now!

The other day I was driving home from know that Title Sales job I have.  I came across a great series of homes.  I was wondering what subdivision this was??  It turns out it was Fox Mill Estates in Herndon, Virginia.  This subdivision had some of the best homes I had seen in [...]

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Real Estate Marketing-5 Reasons Why Realtors Don’t Get Found Online

Harsh title to this blog huh?  Sorry about that but it had to be done.  Every day I meet with Northern Virginia and Washington DC Real Estate agents and help them with their Real Estate Marketing.  All facets of their marketing not just the technology side, but in the end it always come back [...]

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How to Convert your Sphere of Influence into Paying Clients

The Spring "Selling Season" is here and people everywhere in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area is talking about Real Estate...or so it seems.  There are so many buyers and not enough listings.  This is causing people to ask all kinds of questions about Real Estate.  "Is NOW a good time to sell?"  [...]

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I Just Got My Real Estate License…Now What Do I Do?

I know that this doesn't get verbalized all the time, or much at all but it has to be played over and over in the mind of a Real Estate agent that just got their license...."I'm just got my Real Estate License.. Now what do I do?"  If you think about it, its a weird [...]

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The One Thing that Could be Hurting your Real Estate Business

In my 8 months now living and working in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC Real Estate market helping Realtors and Lenders with their Real Estate marketing on behalf of Stewart Title, I have found one stark difference on how people conduct business as it pertains to transactions.  That one difference I see the most is called the "preferred relationship."  [...]

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