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How Real Estate Agents Can Grow Their Online Presence in 2016

For my last blog of 2015, I thought I would talk about something that is important in the scheme of expanding your business and brand going forward..."as real estate agents, how can we grow our online presence?" There are many ways that real estate agents can grow their online presence in 2016, but I want [...]

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Fastest Ways to Increase your Real Estate Blog Subscribers List

Do you have a website and looking to grow your real estate blog subscriber’s number? First, before we get into HOW to grow this number, we need to understand WHY.  Realtors spend lots of money trying to get their marketing messages out to their target audience.  A real estate blog is a great way [...]

2021-05-24T13:19:11-04:00October 16th, 2015|

Helpful Tips to Know Before Purchasing a Real Estate Website

As a guy who spends his day helping real estate agents with their marketing plans and learning new strategies for business, I see a lot of Realtor websites. Some of these websites are good, many are not so good. I see the “free” company website, all the way up to the custom built website [...]

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5 Reasons Why People Can’t Find Your Real Estate Website

Having a real estate website (that you own) is important, but driving consumer traffic to your site is MORE important. The issue I see with Realtors is that they need help learning how to use their website as the amazing weapon that it can be. One of the keys to making your website effective [...]

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Realtor Content Marketing-Blog Interlinking for Better SEO

As I teach classes in Northern Virginia to Realtors who either have a website/blog or are interested in getting one, the same questions arise.  “How do I get more people to see my website/content?” “How do I keep people on my website longer?”  Both are valid questions because the more eyes there are to you, [...]

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Why Real Estate Agents Need to Track their Website Analytics

Raise your hand if you are a real estate agent and have a website? I hope you just raised your hand.  Now...can you name off how many people visited your site last month, where they came from, how long they stayed, and what they read? If the answer is "No" or "What are you [...]

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Top Blogging Questions I Get from Real Estate Agents

As I teach real estate marketing classes and meet with agents throughout Northern Virginia and Washington DC, I get asked a lot of questions about technology, blogging, video, WordPress, and more.  Many of these questions are similar and I felt that the best way to address some of the top blogging questions I receive [...]

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This Google Algorithm Change Could Crush Your Website Visibility

We knew this day would come...the new Google algorithm change, just not exactly sure when.  Well, on Tuesday April 21st Google made a major change to how they rank websites.  Ever since the smartphone and iPad came the norm in our society the trend for online searches has moved away from desktops to mobile [...]

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YouTube Cards-Upgraded Video Calls to Action!

Your ability to enhance and increase your real estate video traffic just go a lot better.  How? YouTube Cards.  If you have been using YouTube as your platform of choice for your real estate videos you might have noticed that there were some cool things you could do to your videos in terms of [...]

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Essential WordPress Widgets for your Real Estate Website

In my previous blog I talked about some of the best WordPress Plugins that I recommend using if you are new to WP and looking to increase SEO and add value to your site.  In this blog post I want to discuss the essential WordPress widgets that I recommend installing for your real estate [...]

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