Here are the top Social Media Tips that will help you gain more exposure and streamline your brand through social media channels!

Facebook Business Page for Real Estate – Should I Get One?

The Facebook Business page...remember when EVERYONE had one because it was the thing to do? Every Real Estate agent I knew thought that as soon as they put together their FREE business page it was going to be just like having an awesome website that was going to bring in leads, and people from all [...]

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Best Social Media Platform for Real Estate You’re Not Using

I was giving an hour talk/class for a Real Estate association last week and I was talking about how to "Future Proof" your Real Estate business for 2014.  We covered WordPress for Realtors, Video, and Social Networks...which ones to use and more importantly...WHY.  As usual I like to take a poll the Realtors/Lenders in [...]

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Why Facebook is not your Real Estate Website

Every now and again I post a blog that is a direct response to what I see and hear all the time from Real Estate agents, not only in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area but all over the country.  I hear agents talk about not really needing their websites because they primarily use Facebook [...]

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Instagram Video in Real Estate. Why It’s to your Advantage to Use it

Just last week the hugely popular Social Media platform Instagram just launched a "Video Feature" that allows the user to shoot and edit up to 15 seconds of video.  I was pretty excited when I saw this update and immediately the endless marketing thoughts and opportunities went through my head.  This is AMAZING!  If I [...]

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