If you have read any of my prior blogs you notice that I reference Video as not only the future of Real Estate marketing but it is the present.  The small percentage of Realtors that use video in their Real Estate marketing are seeing HUGE dividends.  People love watching video and more than likely you do to.  If you could see a Video of a home you were looking to buy or answers to questions you have about the market, buy/selling a home or Short Sale vs Foreclosure, a video is more powerful than just words. Since most Realtors don’t use Video in their business, this is a good sign for YOU the Realtor who wants to.  So you have shot your video(s), now how do you get that video into your blog?  This blog will teach HOW to embed a video into your WordPress Real Estate website.

How to Start

First thing is first.  You must shoot VIDEO!!  Here are the steps to get started:

  1. Get a camera–Kodak zi10 or Cannon Ti3 or Flip Mino
  2. Find a good topic to shoot videos about and fire away.  Any video is better than no video so just go.
  3. Begin with the end in mind…WHO are you trying to talk to?  Is this message something people look for online?

Once you have your blog written you must embed the video…preferably from YouTube which is owned by Google and has 60% of all video traffic on the Internet.

  1. Find the video on YouTube and hit “Share” below the video.
  2. The next step is to hit “embed.” You need to do this to copy the HTML code.  Don’t worry, you don’t need to be a computer genius to do this.
  3. After you have copied the HTML code see below to the box that says “Video Size.”  Make sure the video is not too big or it wont copy over correctly.  I usually hit the 560 x 315 box.
  4. Then you want to un-click the button at the bottom that says: show suggested videos when the video finishes.
  5. So after we have copied the HTML code you need to insert it into your WordPress blog.  Switch your blog from “Visual to “text” and and insert a Break.  Then double click and type it again.
  6. Paste your HTML code/video in the middle and viola!   Your video in now inside of your WordPress Blog! See below.


See isn’t that easy?  This is so powerful because not only are you conveying a strong message in your blog, but it is backed up by something even more powerful…Video!  If a consumer is skimming your blog and not reading everything, they will hit “Play” and watch your video.  For example this is a great video about the best 12 Plugins/Widgets that you need in your WordPress Blog.  This is very informational and of Value…it makes you smarter.  My goal as the Director Sales/Marketing at Stewart Title is to bring value added services to YOU and make you smarter.

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