Integrating something new into your real estate business can sometimes be hard. It is especially challenging for some if related to technology or seeing yourself on camera. Scary, I know! With that said, the upside of using video in your real estate business is huge. First, take a look at the other agents in your office. How many have a practical video marketing strategy or use YouTube as a medium to post videos and gain subscribers? My guess is you can count them on one hand or none at all. That is the exact reason as to WHY you should start shooting educational videos. One of the main questions I get from agents, is how Realtors can get started with video…but inexpensively? There are many ways to make this happen. I want to not only walk you through HOW to do this, but what cheap equipment you can use.


You need a camera before you can shoot videos. Do you need a $500 camera to get started? No way. If you have a smart phone, you have a camera. Most smart phone cameras have been greatly improved and shoot quality video. Make sure you are not too far away from the camera though, as it will affect the audio if you aren’t wearing an external microphone.

As you move up the chain you can use other inexpensive cameras like the Kodak z10 ($39.99) or the Canon Powershot series ($299.00). If you want to move up to a greater level camera then you can check out the Canon Ti3  ($510) or Nikkon P900 series ($600). Keep in mind, that as you get started using video, that the Canon Powershot or your smart phone is just fine. These are either free, or under $300.

Tripod and Accessories

Not a great idea to hold the camera and do the “selfie” video. Someone watching your video and seeing the camera move all over the place will get the viewer to quickly click off your video. Get a tripod and some accessories to make your videos look and sound good. Again, these are not expensive items to obtain.

You can buy this cheap tripod on Amazon for $25. In fact, I have the same one. You might spend more money each week at Starbucks. In regards to accessories, you might want some lighting or an external microphone. If you are in a poorly lit room or sit far from the camera, these are a must. Pick up this cheap LED Light ($25) and External microphone  ($16) and you are almost home!

YouTube and Syndication

The most inexpensive way Realtors can get started with video is to set up a YouTube channel and leverage your social media accounts to syndicate video content. YouTube and social media are FREE mediums to touch thousands of people. It then provides the conduit to drive these people back to you and learn about your value messages. Cheaper and a lot more effective than direct mail. The conversion rate is much higher as well.

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