As Real Estate, Mortgage, and Title Company professionals we are seeing marketing shifting to video more and more. Why?  Well, its the fastest and most effective way to convey a message to your target audience.  I think we can’t deny that.  I would rather see a video of a house, or Realtor telling me about the house vs still pictures…and we know how good Realtors are at taking listing photos right? (eye roll)  The problem is that as I meet with Real Estate agents day to day they tell me that they don’t want to necessarily use Video in Real Estate because they are afraid or have fears.  The funny thing is they know and agree with the words I just typed above, yet they still don’t want to be in front of the camera.  I tell them that they need to overcome their fears or anxiety because using Video in Real Estate will make their phone ring with clients.  With that said, here are some misconceptions about using Video and how to use it effectively to cultivate clients.

If I don’t Look Perfect… None will watch my Video

Yes, people think this…really.  The one thing Realtors need to know when using Video in their business is that it does NOT matter if you are a model or have perfect hair…the consumer is watching your video because they want to listen to what you have to say.  Audio is more important that anything else in when using Video in Real Estate.  It is your words and message that is important…not if your outfit or how you necessarily look.  I know up front this may seem hard to get passed but you have to.  You don’t need to go to the salon and do a P90X workout before hand…just get in front of the camera and start shooting.

I don’t have the best camera equipment

This is a good one. You DON’T need the best equipment.  With today’s technology there are many things you can use to shoot your Real Estate Videos.  Here are few options starting from cheap to more expensive:

  1. iPhone/Samsung
  2. Kodak zi10
  3. Flip Mino
  4. Canon Powershot
  5. Nikon Series
  6. Mark IV DSLR Camera

Most of us have smartphones and many of the new ones have great cameras that allow you to post to YouTube straight from your phone!  Kodak and Flips are $80-100 which is not too bad then you can move up to the next level of a Canon Powershot/Nikon, then the big boys of a DSLR Camera.  They ALL are very effective and ALL shoot videos for your business.  Start where you feel comfortable and go from there.

I Don’t Know Video Editing

Guess what?  I don’t know it well either!  It doesn’t stop me from shooting videos and creating a lot website traffic.  Yes, I could learn video editing and make my videos amazing with music, transitions and more…and I might down the road as there is value in doing so, but it is not always necessary.  Just because you don’t know the programs to edit your videos doesn’t mean you shouldn’t shoot video.  You can always hire a company to make a professional green screen video if you decide to go that route.


When using Video in Real Estate there are fears that agents have but realize that Video is:

  1. Fastest way to convey a message
  2. Allows the consumer to see, hear, and get to know/like you
  3. Shortens your sales cycle
  4. Is the future of marketing in your business

With this said, NOW is the time to start implementing video in your Real Estate business.  Do you need help?

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