I met with two different Realtors last week who were new to the business. They both asked how they can create a value proposition and “get noticed” as a new real estate agent. This is what I call the “rub” as a new real estate agent.  It’s fairly easy to obtain a real estate license, but things become far more challenging after your license comes in the mail.

Every new real estate agent gets excited about their venture and has grand ideas about dominating the market and making a lot of money. Then comes the reality of learning the other side of the business. Marketing strategies, advertisement, building a business, SOI, and learning online and social media tactics to get noticed. Getting noticed in a field of many can be difficult without hard work and a strong value proposition.

Reach Out and Touch Someone

Getting your real estate license is exciting. New venture…new opportunities. Tell people…everyone! Reach out to your warm relationships first. Email, call, send a personal letter. Let them know that real estate is your way of generating income for yourself and your family. Be serious. This isn’t some sort of hobby…it’s now your business. Use Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, or any other social network you use to promote your new exciting business.

If you don’t have much of a social media presence or a LinkedIn account that has not been recently updated…it is time to pick up the pace. You are now in an industry that is ever-changing and not having the ability to promote, interact and talk to potential clients through these mediums is a sure way to slow down your ability to “get noticed.” You are creating exposure for yourself and your business. Take the time to add people to these networks and learn to use them efficiently.


If you haven’t noticed, video is taking over everything we see and do online. Facebook Live, Instagram video, webinars, YouTube, Vimeo, etc. Video is by far one of the best ways to get noticed as a new real estate agent. Most agents don’t use video in their business. This allows you to differentiate yourself immediately as a new Realtor.

As someone new to an already saturated business, it takes doing new things that are sometimes out of your comfort zone. Do these things! Video is the best way to convey a message to a target audience. Implementing a video strategy will help you to develop a following on social media, YouTube, and sell for you 24/7. Also, makes it easy for your SOI to learn about your value proposition.


This is really important. You can read my website or Inman.com all day to get free information, but truly having an accountability partner can really pay off. Many of my most successful Realtor clients are enrolled in some sort of coaching program. I realize that these programs cost money and as a new real estate agent there are many upfront costs incurred. I would view real estate coaching as an investment in your business. There are clear differences between the income levels of agents that follow coaching programs and ones that don’t. NAR states there is an 87% fail rate in real estate in the first 5yrs. I would say most of those people were without coaches.

A real estate coach will help you get noticed by providing goals, weekly tasks, and marketing scripts (in some cases) to contact your sphere, subdivision farm, FSBO’s, Expired, and Cancelled Listings. Unless your sphere is massive and ready to refer everyone they know, it takes getting dirty to build your business. Many new real estate agents don’t want to do this, but if you are willing, there is a good chance you will be successful.

Real Estate Website

This is the last thing…should NEVER be the first thing. Yes, I run a National website, but that happened in year 7 of my Title business. Lots of legwork occurred before the website. Yes, I also think having a website presence is a MUST, but as a new real estate agent, it is done after your business is established. Leverage your company website (though I hate them) until you start getting commissions. The face to face, calls, and other items come first. WHEN you are ready for this part of your business, use something great like WordPress and learn all you can about it. Then read books and watch videos on SEO, creating content, and syndication.

Are you a New Real Estate Agent?

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