I was speaking with an up and coming Realtor team recently and they were discussing with me their 2021 real estate marketing plan. I was listening as they went on about each month what they wanted to achieve. I was waiting for them to say a certain phrase that would help their business tremendously, but it never came. I then brought it up…what about your video strategy for 2021? That is when the reasons (excuses) came out. 1. We aren’t ready to do that yet. 2. Some team members don’t like how they look on video. 3. We need to “ease” our way into using video. As we know this is the work of the little voice between our ears, but the reality is video is the #1 way to convey a value message to your target audience. It’s important to not leave it out of your real estate marketing efforts.

Importance of Video

When I start talking about the importance of video in a Realtor’s business, I either get someone who is all in and fully embraces it, or there are pushback and reasons not to go forward. In 2021 almost 80% of all internet traffic is video related. Here is another stat that might be helpful–73% of homeowners said they would be more likely to list with a Realtor who uses video in their business, yet only around 9% of Realtors use video as a way to market homes for sale and their own business. This tells me there is a huge opportunity for any Realtor looking to capture eye-balls and grow market share. The best way to have your business stand out is to do what your competitors are not doing or willing to do. Imagine being able to educate and get people to meet and like you before you ever meet them? That is what video does.

Create a Plan

Video isn’t something to over-think. We all have cameras on our phones so shooting video is easy. To start, think of the top 10 video topics your target audience would like to see and start shooting videos! Here are some of the best videos to shoot that will help you get more eyes to your business and educate your target audience.

  • Market update videos for your farm.
  • Text message videos. Instead of texting…send a video of you speaking.
  • Instagram stories and posts videos. These get far more engagement.
  • Talking head videos-you in front of a camera speaking about a topic that’s educational.
  • Listing Videos. They not only help promote the property but can be used as a marketing tool to gain more listings!


All the video ideas in the world don’t mean much unless you take the time to implement them into your 2021 real estate marketing plan. Video is a cost-free way for you to communicate effectively to your clients and target audience. It allows people to get to know and like you before meeting them and a preferred marketing method by homeowners. Start a goal of shooting a video a week and post them on social media and push them out to your clients via email. Implement video as part of your marketing plan this year, as it will promote you and your brand to more people who can learn how you help people buy and sell homes in 2021.

When I first started putting videos on this website and YouTube channel I knew I was talking to an audience of 1…me. I had no subscribers or viewership, but over time it started to grow. Last month I had over 1500 views to my channel. Does make me a YouTube star? No. But as a Realtor or Lender trying to get more eyes to your business, would 1500 more people watching your content every 30 days help? Of course, it would and it’s happening 24/7 vs only when you want to spend money to blast out direct mail. Get the bigger picture?

Need Help Getting Started?

This is where myself and Stewart Title comes into play. Many Realtors and lenders know using video as a way to market themselves is important, but they need help getting started. I would like to be your partner in the Title business and help you with the gaps in your business such as video. Take a moment and fill out the form below and tell me how I can assist. You can also email me at wvander@stewart.com.

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