Having been in the Title Insurance business close to 10 years now (yes…it has been that long) I know that Real Estate agents LOVE to tell their friends and sphere the latest and greatest news.  They tell them everything…what the market is doing, homes that just sold, inventory levels, Government regulations, and so on.  Realtors also like to take this information and post it to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumbler, Instagram and email it out to everyone.  Realtors do this “thinking it brings VALUE to THEM.”  Guess what…it doesnt.  Nope.  You know who it does give value to?  The person who is responsible for the article.  There is nothing wrong with posting real estate related content…but it is WAY better and brings more value to your target client…if YOU post your own Real Estate content.  Let me explain:

I Thought You Wrote it…right?

Yes…I understand that as a Realtor you are busy and don’t want to be writing long articles…it’s time consuming right? What you can do is send out a message in your OWN WORDS telling your target audience your side of the story.  If interest rates are rising, I’d like to hear from you as to why that is good or bad for me and HOW you can assist in my Real Estate needs. Why would you post an article written by someone else possibly from across the country telling their side of the story?  At the end of the day you are trying to increase your Value Proposition with your prospects and past clients.  By posting a link or a blog that was posted by another person…even another Realtor then allows your target client to click on the link and go to THEIR website/blog and see THEIR Value…not yours.

What NOT to do…

Often I’m in Real Estate offices teaching classes on various topics as it relates to Real Estate Marketing, and on many occasions I have had Realtors ask me if they can “copy and paste” a blog I wrote (or several) onto their website, or if they can email it to their prospects.  There are several reasons why you shouldn’t do that.

  1. Google will read it as “duplicate content” if you post content from another website to yours and it will NOT help you get ranked and found online.
  2. Your prospects will see that I wrote the article or someone else and not call you…but call that person when a Real Estate need is present.
  3. The level of real Value you will be providing your client is minimal.

What TO do…Re-Purposing Content

One great thing you can do is “re-purpose” an article.  Take an article you want to post and write a shorter version of it in your own words BUT take a stance FOR or AGAINST the article’s point.  That way the content is yours and it has your own message inside of it. 

    1. Re-purpose Content-Take a stance For or Against the article
    2. Adds Value to you
    3. Send out short videos instead of writing a blog for your Real Estate content.

Watch the Video! 

Final Takeaway

As you can see in the video in the end it is all about you!  You want to come off as the authority and answer to your clients Real Estate wants and needs.  The one thing you don’t want to do is drive your prospects and clients into the arms of another person or Realtor by posting their Real Estate content on your Social Media sites.  Besides not being “Top of Mind” this is another way that Realtors lose business and they don’t even realize it. 

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