Real Estate Agents lose business ALL the time, one way is through their social media channels. The #1 social media channel where real estate agents lose business is Facebook. I’ve learned (the hard way) that it is easy to think that your “friends” and “followers” on social media have the same thoughts and feelings you have.  Thoughts and feelings that range from religion, politics, social issues, and more. It’s also very easy to quickly type up a status or tweet and hit “Send.” We think we are clever because we are letting our friends know what we stand for and why that stance is correct.  Not so fast, doing this over and over can and WILL cost you business and referrals down the road. Here is the bad part…you won’t even know it! Here are ways real estate agents lose business through social media and how you can prevent from making these mistakes.

Be like Switzerland

As a real estate agent you are a small business owner. Yes, you work for your real estate company but YOU are your business. When it comes to social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, roughly 50% of your friends and followers have different beliefs and views regarding a variety of political and social issues. There is absolutely nothing wrong with having strong views and beliefs, but blasting controversial content over social media and making fun of the other side can be financially costly.

Not a good idea to alienate half of your entire social media base when ALL of them are potential clients and referrals.  The old saying holds true here...”business doesn’t go away, it just goes somewhere else.” The #1 reason people decide to do business with you is because they like you. If you portray yourself on FB, TW and IG in a way that causes someone to not like you due to your ramblings about politics, funny posters, and social issues, your social media base may not want to use your services as a real estate agent, and surely not refer you to friends and family.  This is a big reason why real estate agents lose business and they don’t even know it.  When it comes to these issues, it is best to be neutral like Switzerland when posting.

You vs Your Online Persona

I find this phenomena strange because in your “real life” you don’t walk up to clients, prospects, and friends and start talking politics, social issues, and other controversial things, yet on social media it is done all the time. You are still talking to the same people, saying the same controversial things, just in a different way. Yes, many people don’t “Like” or Comment on your post, but that didn’t mean they didn’t see it and think “Wow…he/she really feels and thinks that way? I don’t agree at ALL!”  At that moment, you probably just lost a potential client or referrals.  It makes it tough to keep growing your real estate business if you are losing people and you don’t realize it.  You and your online persona don’t have to act and be the same way, especially since having a social media strategy in real estate is important. Your end goal is to get to know people better through social media channels and grow that base, not push people away from you.

How to Fix This Going Forward

1. Remain neutral (as much as possible) on Social Media when you know your message is hitting ALL of your base.

2. Join FB Groups that champion your politics and social agenda’s. It is a lot more fun talking to like minded people vs trying to convert others…who you won’t convert.

3. Think twice before hitting “Send” or Update Status.” Read your post again and see if you really should be posting.

4. If you must chime in with comments and replies, have valid points and sound educated. Stay away from slamming the other side and saying things that discredit you. Many other people see your FB comments.

5. You work hard to build your social media base and everyone is a potential home buyer/seller who can also pass you referrals.


I know it is hard to not post and let everyone know why you support a cause or why that other person is dumb for posting something you don’t agree with.  The fastest way real estate agents lose business is by alienating parts of their social media base and causing business to go elsewhere. Joining FB Groups and chat rooms are great places to speak with like minded people that have no issue with your views and may even become clients down the road.

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