When I first got into the Title Insurance business back in 2005, I learned quickly that sending out blast emails to promote my business or services was part of the game. Same for Realtors and Lenders, to promote events, listings, real estate news and more. But what if someone on your target list or sphere decides to do the worst thing ever…UNSUBSCRIBE! Ahhh! Crazy right? Who would Dare to unsubscribe from your awesome emails? Was it something you said or did? When it comes to real estate email marketing there are always people who choose NOT be apart of what are you are doing. The problem is that Realtors get mad when someone chooses to unsubscribe. I used to get irritated as well when this happens, but you shouldn’t. You should be Happy!  Lets chat…

Thank You for Opting Out

It is human nature to react or be upset when someone decides to not want your messages or hear what you have to say. Even now, when I send out email invitations to classes I teach, events, or just market information, I get Realtors that ask to be removed from my email list or Unsubscribe. When this happens I remove them from my email list, but before I do this, I send them a reply email Thanking them for telling me they want off my list. I do this because those agents already made the decision to not work or buy from me.

By telling me they want to be removed, they are doing me a favor so I don’t waste my time targeting them any longer. As a real estate agent or mortgage lender, I would look at it the same way with people on your email list that are no longer choosing to receive your messages.  Good riddance!  Move on!  It is good to know who is your target client, but it’s even better knowing who is NOT your audience. When it comes to real estate email marketing, people who want to unsubscribe from your email lists and real estate business are doing you a favor.

Good Email Platforms to Use

Finding good real estate email marketing platforms to use that maximizes your time is very important as well. I like to use Wise Agent as my CRM, as it also has a great email marketing abilities.  You can send an email to 10,100, or 250 people at once without a BCC.  It’s a big time saver and allows you to send professional emails individually addressed! You can also set up drip email marketing programs so that your message is always in front of your target audience. Another good thing I like about Wise Agent is that it has “Constant Contact” built inside of it. Constant Contact is another good program that allows you to send email drips to your sphere and contacts.

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