We all have “call reluctance” from time to time.  You know, that little voice in your head that tells you not to make that call to an expired listing, FSBO, or hard to deal with client.  When it comes to real estate lead generation this is usually the #1 thing Realtors need to get passed to be successful. Even in the Title business, this happens. There are times where I don’t want to call NDC’s (non-directing customers) or maybe a client who can be on the harder side to talk to. But…I do it.  Why?  The same reason why Realtors need to make their calls.  Because if you don’t, someone else will.  If growing your real estate business is important, then use these tactics to get over your call reluctance and set up your real estate lead generation.

Stop Assuming These People Don’t Want to Talk to You

I get this a lot. I think that the person I’m calling might not want to talk, but when I make the call they are glad to hear from me. Whew! Never look at a lead generation or follow up call to a client/prospect as you are bugging them. Make your calls with a purpose and be confident.  That confidence shines through in your voice and state as to why you are calling and how you can help them.  Go into the call ready and don’t assume these people don’t want to hear from you. Getting passed that mental block is half the battle.

Calling a Client that had a “not so great” experience with you

We’ve all had to do this. Every once in a great while there is a transaction that goes sideways.  Sometimes it’s your fault, sometimes not. Either way, the client is pissed and after the transaction ends, there is NO way you are getting a referral from them…ever.  Well, not so fast.  People have short memories in most cases.  When doing real estate lead generation or follow up, calling these people is still a MUST. Why?  You have a direct relationship with these people and they used your real estate services.  Though they didn’t have the best experience, they still more than likely will sell or buy in the future.  They surely know others wanting to do the same. Don’t let the mental block happening between your ears get in the way.  Here is something to say when calling:

Hi, its Wade Vander Molen your favorite Real Estate agent! (laugh)  How are you?  The reason I’m calling is I realize that our transaction together didn’t go as smooth as you would like, but since then I have made many improvements to my business model and I want to thank you for assisting in that.  I value you as a past client and I’m still looking to expand my business. Do you happen to know any friends or family looking to potentially buy or sell in the near future?  If so, I would value that referral.  

In the above call, I made a light joke to disarm the person, addressed the issue upfront, and took the objection off the table.  I then spoke about the improvements I had made in my business model and “thanked” the past client for helping me through the experience.

Calling FSBO, Expired, and Cancelled Listings

I do the “Insanity Max 30” workouts with Shaun T.  If you know what I’m talking about they are extremely hard. Sometimes I sit there in my workout gear…putting it off.  I know that my reluctance is mental as I don’t want to put my body through all that pain, though I know in the end I will benefit greatly.  Calling FSBO’s, Expired, and Cancelled Listings are the same.  You have call reluctance big time, though you know if you land a listing or 2 it is awesome!  Again, if you don’t call these people, someone else will and since you are the better real estate agent, that listing should be yours right?  Be prepared for rejection.  As soon as you accept that it will happen you are over the hump. Get your scripts, FAQ’s and overcoming objection comebacks ready and start dialing.  You will see that the more you do it, the easier it gets and the better you will be on the phone talking to these people.  As a Title Sales rep, I know agents who make a very healthy living calling these people. Remember, many agents have call reluctance and will never call these people, which is the exact reason you should.

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When it comes to real estate lead generation, most of it is mental.  We all have call reluctance, workout reluctance or whatever else that stops us from doing things in our lives, though in the end we are better for it.  As the Director of Sales/Marketing for Stewart Title in Northern Virginia/Washington DC I take my client’s businesses seriously.  I can help you with outbound and inbound marketing strategies with end result of more clients, business, and closings.

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