The end is near…not the world, just the year 2012.  Now is the time of year where we look back and see if our hard work paid off and we met our goals.  Did you sell the amount of homes you were looking to sell?  Did you gain more clients?  Did you branch out in your Real Estate marketing and try something new like Video or a Blog?  Did you make your money goal or GCI?  Now is also the time where you as Realtors are being bombarded by people, Title Companies, and Mortgage Lenders offering to help you with “Goal Planning for 2013.”  Should you goal plan?  Of course!  Its important to set goals and work to meet them.  The real issues is WHERE you get your information and from WHOM.  The way the consumer gets their information on pretty much anything has changed dramatically in the past few years and with it must the mindset of the Real Estate agent.  So, going forward there are things you need to certainly Avoid in your Real Estate Business in 2013.  Here they are:

Beware of the “Expert”

Anytime I hear or see someone say they are an “expert” I cringe.  I’m a Social Media expert…I’m an expert at marketing…I’m a “neighborhood specialist”(my favorite), or the Short Sale expert.  As soon as I hear those words I immediately think the opposite is true…and so should you.  What does an “expert” look like anyway?  Just because a Real Estate agent in your office gives themselves a label doesn’t mean that is what they are.  Be careful by WHO you are getting your Real Estate Marketing in 2013 information.  Always do your own due dillegence and be willing to learn more about new things on your own.  There are a few people that I can think of that I would put in the expert cateory.  Even Albert Einstein by his own admission said that he knew little of physics because there was so much out there he didn’t know, and we can all agree that if we think “expert” he more than likely comes to mind.  If you are in your Real Estate office and someone comes in to give you advice on your business…and the word “Expert” is thrown around…RUN!

Avoid Getting Marketing Advice from Other Realtors

Yes…I said it.  I have seen it time and time again…2 Realtors talking by an office and the new agent asks another agent for advice on HOW to market a subdivision or should they do short sales, or is Farming a good thing, or should I call expired and cancelled listings?  The other agent, now feeling empowered gives that agent terrible advice because they once had a bad experience doing on of those things.  Or could it be that the agent just didn’t know HOW to market to those people correctly so they gave that new agent really bad information?  Or could it be that is Exactly whom that agent markets to so they tell the new agent NOT to do that?  Every Realtor’s business model looks different and your target market is the consumer…not other Realtors.  In 2013  start thinking like a “consumer” when doing your marketing…stay away from other Realtors.  Just because Realtor A does his marketing one way… doesn’t mean that is what you should be doing.

Avoid Doing Things That Don’t Work

It sounds obvious right?  Well I think so anyway yet that isn’t what usually happens.  If in 2012 you had a certain marketing strategy and it didn’t work, or you spent a lot of money and got little to no return, stop doing what isn’t working or generating business for you! Your marketing dollars should be used wisely.  For example, if you spent $5000 on postcards and it was not effective, re-direct that money to a new website that has videos and a blog with good content that a consumer would like to read.  It’s more engaging and we know that 90% of consumers go online first to begin  their home buying search…not their mailbox.  Now is the time to evaluate what worked for you in 2012 and what didn’t.  Eliminate the time and money wasting things and slide in more effective methods.

Avoid Using Social Media as a Lead Generation Tool

Should social media be used for Real Estate to enhance your business?  YES!  Is it a lead generation tool?  NO!  Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc are great platforms to connect to people we already know and have relationships with at some level and remain “top of mind.” They are not lead generation tools.  Where is the first place you go to solve a problem or answer a question?  Facebook…Twitter?  Or is it Google, YouTube, Yahoo, and Bing?  Avoid making a FB Fan Page your only means for an online presence in Real Estate.  People don’t go there when they have a Real Estate need.  Sorry.

Avoid Using A Title Company That Won’t Help You

If the Title Company that you currently use is accustomed to bringing you bagels, coffee mugs, fly swatters, flashlights, pens, pads, etc AND they just take your deals and close them, I would take a hard look at that relationship going into 2013.  None of those items I mentioned have any real value in your Real Estate business or provide you with knowledge and ability to be a more savvy and intelligent Realtor in 2013…agreed?  Good relationships are always a 2 way street. I know mine is with my girlfriend…so should yours with your Title Company.  Your Title Company should instead help you with:

  1. Contact Management-Wise Agent
  2. Leads-30-60 day late Short Sale, Renters, Farm Lists
  3. Video Training for website
  4. Teach you HOW to blog
  5. SureClose-Allows you to see your files 24/7 with Stewart Title
  6. Net Sheet Apps for your iPad/iPhone for listings
  7. Refinance Leads for Lenders
  8. WordPress Training-HOW to use it.
  9. Simpler-One stop shop for ALL of your Short Sales

These are just a few things that we offer at Stewart Title and Escrow that are of VALUE to our clients and help them become better Realtors/Lenders.  Stewart Title would like to be part of your 2013 marketing plan as well.  If you find this blog of value to you and want to set up a time to meet…fill out the form below and I will contact you shortly!

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