As I meet with Real Estate agents everyday helping them grow their business I get this ALL of the time…”why should I do all of this online stuff, I can’t beat Zillow, Trulia, and anyway!” Does this sound like something you have said or heard in your office?  You can beat them you know…it actually isn’t that hard.  It involves a couple things that you need to be doing online…and 1 thing you need to never do.  If you abstain from doing the 1 thing and you take time and effort to the 2 things you will beat these 3 monster aggregates every…single…time.  So here are some great Real Estate Marketing tips that will allow you get more exposure online and beat Zillow, Trulia, and

Z,T, Don’t Use this

If you have ever been on these sites, or maybe you have paid big money as a “preferred Realtor” you probably notice that Z,T, don’t use VIDEO!  Nope…they don’t.  Which is good news for you!  Only 2% of Real Estate agents actively use Video as part of the Real Estate Marketing strategy.  With YouTube being the 2nd largest search engine in the world with millions of videos being watched daily, its pretty clear that consumers like and prefer video.  YouTube is also owned by the almighty Google so having presence there is very important.  Google ranks and indexes YouTube videos just like they do other written content.  The first thing you need to do though is set up a YouTube Channel and that is pretty easy to do. So when a consumer is looking up “homes for sale in Fairfax, Virginia, homes for sale in XYZ Subdivision, or information on the home buying/selling process”  instead of finding Zillow, Trulia, and they find your VIDEO!  And we know that video is a lot more powerful than anything else when it comes to shortening your sales cycle. When it comes to Real Estate marketing tips, using Video on a regular basis is a sure way to beat the 3 aggregates online. 

Creating Hyper-local Content

If you notice when you search broadly on the internet for Real Estate you usually see these 3 aggregates near the top of a search.  However, when you search hyper-locally (very specific) you don’t!  If you have the right optimized content that is hyper-local you will beat them every time.  Hyper-local content is very specific information about an area, price point, type of buyer/seller, and amenities.  When people know where they want to live they start looking up very specific information on what the area is like, what schools, amenities are around it.  If your content has that information you will appear on a Google search ahead of Zillow, Trulia, and  I always encourage my Realtor clients to market hyper-locally for everything they do and it applies even more when it comes to getting found online and beating the big boys.

Don’t EVER…EVER…Do This!

Ok…you ready?  The reason WHY these 3 aggregates beat you is because YOU make them stronger!  You create backlinks on your site pointing back to their sites.  You post content on social networks from their sites and you pay them money to have a presence there.  Realtors do all of these things that creates online traffic for THEM!  Since they get so much traffic the search engines rank them for everything…hence harder for you to beat them.  In the future, don’t do anything that would cause a FB friend, past client, sphere, family, to go to these sites instead of your website.  You want people to come to you and find value in you right?  Right.  Don’t push your friends and past clients into the Lion’s Den. 

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