I can’t tell you how many times I hear that real estate online leads suck. With that said, I know many Realtors that spend big money each month on online leads. It’s like saying postcards get a very small return and are thrown in the trash, yet people send them out every month hoping to get that listing or buyer calls. The issue is real estate online leads don’t suck…it’s the kind of online leads they get AND the people trying to convert them to clients. Online leads are actually some of the best “leads” you can get, but the issue is where are your online leads coming from? In my opinion online leads get a bad wrap. There are many factors into WHY this is, and I want to discuss the reasons Realtors hate online leads, and what they can do to make sure the online leads they do receive are primed prospects ready to act!

Major Issue #1

Realtors get their online leads from several places. These are Zillow, Trulia, Boomtown, Realtor.com, Tiger Leads, and more. These are PAID websites that take online leads from consumers and syndicate through aggregate sites. Basically, many Realtors can get the same leads, so it becomes a race of who can respond the fastest and get people on the phone and start developing rapport.

Realtors sometimes get jaded by these leads as not only do they have the time with their other activities to respond quickly to people filling out forms, but the leads can be BOGUS! Since there is no relationship in place, consumers fill out forms on many sites and just wait for a response or the information they input can be incorrect. Consumers do this because they want access to certain information, but don’t want to be bothered by a random Realtor following up.


If you are spending money on these large aggregate sites, you need a plan in place. Accept that most people filling out forms don’t know or care about you. How could they? You are just a face and information on a screen at this point. If you have a real estate team or are on one, dedicate someone as the instant follow-up to an online inquiry. This is both email and text. If you aren’t on a team and go at it alone, consider paying for services like five Street so you never miss out on an online lead. This is a numbers game and response time game. If you can solve those problems, you are on the right track.

Major Issue #2

You are trying to develop organic online leads as well, but can’t or don’t know how. Learning and understanding how to use your website to develop true real estate online leads is important, but something very few knows how to actually do. The issue lies in the Realtor’s ability or want to take the time and create online content, learn SEO, create videos, and cross-platform market to gain organic eyes to their websites and YouTube channels.


Taking the time to learn how to use your website, create effective written and video content is important. I realize this seems like a headache, but realize that EVERYONE goes to the internet for information, especially when they are considering buying or selling a home. I get at least 1-2 online leads every week. These leads are my target audience, and almost all of them have found value in me and what I offer. They reach out because they want more information or they want to start a business relationship. This didn’t happen overnight of course, but playing the long game of educating and creating the “right online content” allowed these people to discover either this website or YouTube channel. 

If this still isn’t for you, then I would recommend spending money on companies like iFoundAgent to make you a good WordPress site and create the blog content for you and then look for a good video company like Loudoun County Real Estate Photos to help with videos and YouTube syndication. Either way, the key to organic traffic is hyper-local content and of course…content!


There are many issues Realtors face with online leads. It’s a double-edged sword because they are a great way to generate business, IF you know how to follow-up, convert, and have the right systems in place. Real Estate online leads get a bad wrap because the agents who have these systems, and know how to create effective organic content, make it rain new business. The ones that don’t struggle and waste a lot of time and money. Don’t be the latter!

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