As we draw closer to a Presidential election, we also enter a time where Realtors get blocked or unfriended on social media. Why? They just can’t control themselves when it comes to their favorite political candidate, social cause, and their every random thought. Doing this can cause Realtors and lenders to lose business and money. There are many instances where people use Facebook as their free website to post blog content and their deep feelings on issues. I have some advice if you are one of these people:

Nobody wants to see/read it.

You may think that people really do want to read those controversial posts and see how smart and knowledgeable you are on a certain topic. Not that you aren’t smart, but in many instances simply “sharing” a poster, or video that clearly shows you are on one side of a topic can be off-putting to your “Friends” and potential referral partners who didn’t know this about you previously. Why would you want to alienate HALF of your social media following who doesn’t think like you do? Is that political rant worth losing clients and business?

Converting People on Social Media

Ever won a political, social, or religious argument on social media? Yeah…me either. Nothing good comes from it and when you are running a successful real estate business it is a disaster. Keep in mind that just because someone doesn’t “Like” or respond to a post/comment you make doesn’t mean they didn’t read it and form an opinion about you. They have. That opinion might have cost you big in terms of clients and referrals which leads to paying customers.

Join “Groups”

Many social media outlets have a way for you to join “Groups” that allow you to post content that is only seen by members of that group. Also, you are talking to almost 100% of like-minded people so you can avoid those nasty arguments that people can see then form opinions about you. Realtors get blocked all the time because of this…they just don’t know it.

An example is I love basketball. Having played in College and still play in leagues now, I like to talk NBA and College basketball. I know that 90% of my “Friends” list don’t necessarily care about that topic…or to the extent I do. So, I joined a Facebook group that has over 1000 members and the only thing we talk about is basketball. I post/comment just as much on that group forum than I do my original news feed. Talking to like-minded people who think like you do is a lot more fun than arguing with people where in the end there is no winner, just a battered relationship.

When in Doubt…Stay Neutral

Social media platforms are devised to help Realtors and Lenders to grow and enhance relationships for the positive. If you think posting something can possibly come off wrong to your base…don’t post it. Is that one post that you forgot about a day later worth losing clients and referrals? Post positive items, and things that paint you in a good light and makes people want to use you for business down the road. When Realtors get blocked on social networks it causes that person to NEVER see what you post. Listings, Sold’s, Testimonials will not be seen.

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