July is here.  That means “Half-Time” of the 2015 real estate year!  Have you met the real estate goals you have set? (hope you did).  Right around now is the time where Realtors and Lenders hit me up to help them “create more business.” Not because they haven’t had a successful year up to this point, but because the Spring Market is nearing an end, and the market tends to slow down with the start of vacation season.  It also is the time where agents can reflect on what they have done so far, and what they want to do to improve going forward.  Sometimes these things are big, sometimes, they are just small tweaks.  Here are 5 real estate goals to set for the second half of 2015 that can help improve your business.

Goal #1 Set up your YouTube Channel

When setting real estate goals, I would make this one a priority.  Realtors are starting to find that using real estate video as a tool leads to engagement, subscribers, and an awesome way to get your message to your target audience.  YouTube is also a FREE medium (and we know how Realtors like free!) and is easy to set up, all you need is a Gmail account.  I know you have been knocking it out of the park in 2015, but want to extend your reach even more?  Take some time and up your YouTube channel.  In the end, you hopefully want it to look like this.  (Click HERE Gain subscribers and really grow your brand.  I can help…just ask.

Goal #2 Set up/do a Client Appreciation Party

You worked with a lot of clients (buyers and sellers) over the last year or so. A great way to reward them for their loyalty and to stay “top of mind” is to hold a client appreciation party.  Invite your past clients and current prospects to mingle and use this as a tool to leverage more referral business.  Yes, there is a cost involved (in most cases) but the return on investment is totally worth it.

Goal #3 Evaluate your Marketing Costs vs Returns

In terms of setting real estate goals, I feel agents should do this every month, not just every 6 months. Track everything as it pertains to your business and marketing dollars.  I ask agents if they track their marketing expenses vs their ROI?  Many don’t…or not as often as they should.  If you are spending money on a marketing program(s), it important to know if they are working by turning into appointments and purchase contracts.  If they aren’t, then it is time to look at another avenue, but stop the bleeding while you can.

Goal #4 Read a new book that helps improve your business

It’s good to get another person’s perspective, regardless of how much you think you know about a topic.  Everyone learns from someone else, and the goal in real estate is “evolve” and keep learning new things to beat your competition.  If you are looking for some good reads that may be helpful in many ways to your real estate business check out these:

Link to the books are in the Titles. Just Click!


Goal #5 Re-Evaluate your Vendors. Are they talking to you about CFPB/TRID?

This leads us into our last item in setting real estate goals in the second half of 2015.  News came down the pipe last week that TRID and the new CFPB regulations are being delayed till October 3rd of this year.  This is a good thing in my opinion, as it allows people to become as educated on the changes as possible. In most cases Realtors have their lender and title company vendors they know, like and trust.  But…are they helping you expand and grow your business?  Are offering to assist in marketing programs, technology resources, and add value-adds? Are they talking to you about TRID/CFPB and how it affects your business?  Are they going over the NEW settlement forms and explaining HOW to read them?  Or…are they just taking your business?

The answers to these questions should tell you a lot.  Good service and a smooth closing is always great…but that should be the basics of what every Lender and Title Company should do.  You get upset when that doesn’t happen.  What else are they adding to help you meet your real estate goals for the second half of 2015?

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