Title sales is one of the most interesting jobs in the real estate industry. In most instances, the Title rep has the ability to build their own book of business and create unlimited income potential. The issue is there is little to no training to create the success desired. I know this from speaking to over 200 Title salespeople from around the country who have reached out.

Their plight usually falls into the same arena though the majority of the people I speak with let me know that their real estate market is different and their situations are unique. The one thing that is not unique is they are reaching out to seek guidance and get clarity on how they can better their businesses going forward. This is by far the largest gap in the Title business, is the lack of training and coaching. Is hiring a Title Insurance sales coach right for you? Here are signs that you should invest in yourself to hire a Title Insurance sales coach.

1. New to the Business and No Training Offered 

The majority of the people that I coach are either new to the business or have been in Title sales for less than 8 months. There is a weird dynamic where Title Companies know they need horsepower to bring in new business and maintain existing accounts, they invest in the hire but do little to nothing to train them.  These new Title reps lack structure, systems, and how to convert their appointments into customers, then repeat customers. Sound familiar? A new hire who isn’t properly trained is like a kid who has never played baseball constantly swinging and missing at pitches. After a while the coach benches you or you decide baseball just isn’t for you. Getting your business off the ground as a new Title Sales rep is super important.

2. You Didn’t Pivot

I speak to Title reps who have been in the business awhile and some have a decent book of business and found success. Their issue is they have never pivoted how they do business though most things around them have. Because of this they mostly attract a certain type of client and have no clue how to attract or convert other types of clients. And by “type of client,” I mean the agents who use video on a regular basis, kill it on Instagram, leverage AI technology, and have multiple lead source funnels. These Title reps struggle to connect and communicate with these people because they never pivoted and now they feel like they are slowly losing business opportunities. Imagine if the majority of the clients you could attract are also the ones that never pivoted. Not good.

3, Your Title Sales Team is Stagnant

This is the one thing I’m hearing more and more. Again, the market has changed and many Realtors and lenders are struggling yet the Title sales team is still offering CE classes, and taking agents to lunch thinking somehow that is going to move the needle with their business. These tactics worked in 2021 and 2022 because the market helped to dictate part of their success.

Now they have to be super valuable to their clients by helping them gain more listing and buyer opportunities and grow an online presence. This is where they struggle. This is where a Title Insurance sales coach who has a proven track record of creating success for Realtors and attracting these clients comes into play. My team can teach your team how to be a huge asset to any Realtor they meet with. That is how you move the needle.

4. You Don’t Know What to Say

Imagine if you saw someone you were attracted to and wanted to approach them, but were super nervous because you didn’t know what to say or how to get them interested in you. But what if you did know what to say? What if you did know how to get them talking back to you and eventually interested? If you were armed with that ability you would be pretty confident approaching almost anyone.

What if you knew what to say, built the right rapport, and got almost any Realtor or lender interested in working with you? Your business would grow and the Title sales job would be pretty enjoyable. If you are struggling to know “what to say” to non-directing customers, top prospects, on your follow-ups, and re-connecting with lost customers, this is a direct sign to talk to a Title Insurance sales coach.

5. Video and Branding Online Scares You

Does the thought of shooting videos or creating Instagram reels scare you? Do you have an established “brand” in your market? If an agent asked you how to move the needle with their brand on social or get started on YouTube (the right way), could you do it? Title sales is more than selling your escrow team. You need to be seen as a valuable business partner who can educate and teach Realtors how to create more brand awareness for themselves. More visibility = more credibility = more profitability. It helps greatly to convert prospects to clients if you DO the thing you teach. A good Title Insurance sales coach can help you become that established person in your market.

Let’s Have a Conversation

There is no specific litmus test to know if you need coaching. You know yourself and where the brown spots are located. This article is here to highlight what I see are the Big 5 issues or reasons people seek coaching. If any of the reasons above resonate with you, don’t “wing it” because this is not the market or time to try to figure it out on your own. The goal of a Title Insurance sales coach is to help you learn and implement specific skills to move to the front of the line in your market.

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