One weird issue in our business that we deal with is how to get an earnest money deposit check to a Title Company.  In some states, real estate offices hold the EMD, but due to potential liability issues, the trend has moved to the Title Company holding EMD checks. In the past, we have always had clients drop off checks, mail them in, wire the money, or yours truly would drive to the Realtor’s office and pick them up. In the age of being able to scan or take a picture of checks and have them deposited into bank accounts–something had to be done to make things easier for our Realtor clients.


A few years ago a third-party application was developed to allow Realtors and their clients have the ability to take a picture and scan their EMD’s directly into a Title Company’s escrow account. Back then, the application was set up for smaller Title Companies and local shops, not a National Title Company with hundreds of offices. Now, ZOCCAM is set up to handle larger Title Companies as it has gained a lot more traction and funding that has allowed it to be more secure and viable.

Stewart Title jumped on the chance to improve the lives of our clients and joined ZOCCAM. This means that our clients can get their EMD’s to us with ease and not have a physical check in a file.

So…how does it work?

The process for our customers is easy. Here are the general steps:

  1. Download the app ZOCCAM to your smartphone—iPhone/Android
  2. Create an account with a phone number, name and email address
  3. Follow the screens by choosing:

1.    Capture

2.    Earnest Money (or Additional Earnest Money)

3.    Stewart Title

4.    Specific Stewart Branch  Select “Fairfax, Washington DC” (example)

5.    Provide property information for both buyer and seller-buyer agent/listing agent

6.    Get ready with your check and snap a picture-both sides

7.    You will receive a confirmation email that we received the EMD funds!

It’s really that simple! Stewart Title is trying to lead the field in innovative technology and making things easy for our clients.

Going forward…when you select Stewart Title on the purchase contract, know that getting the EMD money to your nearest office is at the palm of your hands with a few easy steps!

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