Back in Phoenix, AZ I used to work with a guy that talked about how Title Insurance Sales Reps used to “Bamboozle” his loan officers. “Bamboozling” is when the gorgeous sales rep(see right) would come into the office and offer nothing of “real value” except for her stunning looks, in which the loan officer would “ohhh and ahhh” over her then send her business.  Does that still happen in the Title business today?  Yeah it does, not as much as it used to since the market downturn of 2008.  Having said that, there is still a good Title Insurance Sales rep trick that happens ALL the time. In many cases you might not even realize that it is happening.

How the Trick Works

In many instances, Realtors and Lenders don’t realize this is a trick, since they don’t expect much from their Title Insurance Sales rep.  The Title Sales Rep/Attorney is in many cases the face and image that represents the company in the field, yet the processors and attorney’s do all the REAL work. They process and close the files that leads to revenue for the Title Company and a commission for the sales person.  As long as that REAL work is done professionally, then things keep on sailing and more business comes that company’s way.  The “trick” is so that the Title Sales Rep makes you “think” they are providing Real Value…something you want and need in your Real Estate business, when in reality you are getting nothing. Ever go to Chucky Cheese or something similar and your kid wins 1000 of those tickets playing games?  Then you go to the counter and for 1000 tickets you get a toy that costs 5 cents to make?  It’s kind of like that. You think you are going to get something awesome, but really its just junk.

An Example…

A real life example is a client (team) I now work with needed help with Farming their Subdivision, driving traffic to their website and also having their blogs and videos get “found” online by their target clients. The SEO piece of HOW to make that happen was huge for them.  That was their REAL NEED.  They wanted hands on training and shown HOW TO do these things so they could implement them into their business.  Real Value and learning NEW things going forward.  The Title Insurance Sales rep they were previously using noticed that business was no longer coming their way.  She called…emailed…nothing.  So…in true “Trickery” form she brought the Real Estate Agent team catered breakfast as a gift and then asked them why she wasn’t getting anymore of their deals.  Good thing my new clients have seen through this trick and are no longer falling for it. They have seen what a good Title Insurance Sales rep is supposed to be doing vs what they thought they were supposed to be doing.  Catered breakfast, Starbucks gift cards, lunches are all great…but they DON’T help or grow your business.  It’s a bribe for continued business.

The Title Insurance Sales Rep you work with should be a “Business Builder not an “Order Taker.”  There is a big difference.  To learn more about that difference you can click HERE.  

You can only bribe a Real Estate agent for so long before they realize that what you are offering isn’t Real Value.

Don’t get Bamboozled…Let’s Work Together

Going forward you can tell the Title Insurance Sales Rep that is trying trick or “bamboozle” you into sending them business that you have found a person that helps you grow your business and provides solutions to your Real Estate marketing problems.  If you need help getting “Found Online, Farming Strategies, Video help, SEO Training, WordPress, Leads, Wise Agent Training, and more…then you know what to do.  Fill out the form below and tell me what you need and I will be there to assist!  You can always click the HOW I CAN HELP button at the top of the page for more information.

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