There are three major pieces to the Title business that affect the real estate transaction. The first piece is sales and marketing…” business development people”. We are the “gas in the car” and make things GO on the front end of things. The last piece is our closing department. The last people a Realtor and home buyer/seller see in the transaction. This person goes over the closing documents and makes it as fun and uplifting experience as possible. The middle piece is the long lost hero of the Title business. They are the Title Company escrow officer. These people work their butt off doing everything necessary to get your transaction to the finish line. They get little love, yet bare the brunt of all parties in the transaction.

All Guts…No Glory

I think the title above fits well. The high performing Title Insurance Sales reps get all the glory. We are the “face” of the company and agents and lenders know who we are. We spend time in real estate offices, sponsor events, teach classes, and the first to get a call about a referral to a new agent. Our goal is not the only partner with Realtors and Lenders and grows relationships, but sell our escrow staff. We want our clients to LOVE our escrow staff and even bypass us and send them deals directly. This is where the work begins.

The Title Company escrow officer works long and hard hours. They are expected to solve ALL problems in the transaction and be super nice to everyone. In some states, they also conduct the settlements. The escrow staff at our Stewart Title office works late on most nights and sacrifices time away from family to get our client’s files to closing. We in many instances take the brunt of potential complaints from parties on the transaction. Sometimes it can be warranted, but even when it isn’t, the Title Company escrow officer takes the heat with a smile and keep going solving problems.

Good Escrow Staff…Hard to Find

Having been in the Title business since 2005, I can tell you this is very true. Good escrow staff is hard to find. Why? Most escrow officers fell into their jobs instead of seeking it out. There is no “degree” in escrow and most people don’t grow up wanting to be an escrow officer. Most escrow staff start out working at the front desk, then start doing some assistant processing, and the next thing you know they are full escrow officers. With this said, GREAT escrow officers are hard to find. Many people say they can do the job, but in reality, once the stack of files hit their desk, they panic.

As a Title Sales rep, having a solid escrow staff is the KEY to you building your business. They are the ultimate retention tool. If your new clients have a very positive experience and love your escrow staff you are in great shape. This is how I built my business so quickly. Getting top clients to top escrow/processing staff is the formula for growth and success in the Title business.

Shout Out!

Over my career, I have been lucky to have top-notch escrow officers take care of my clients. The Title Company escrow officer does a lion share of the work with the file and transaction parties, and most of the glory going to people like me. Yes, the Title sales rep does deserve some credit, but the true “Hero’s” are the people sitting in the back office.

A HUGE shout out to Sheri Hagemeister, Claire Holland, Maria Shelley, Laura Radmer, (Lawyers Title) and Millie Rodriguez, Elizabeth Crone, and Marie Robinson (Stewart Title). These are the REAL rock stars behind the scenes that deserve the credit over my career!

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