We are now in a shifting real estate market. Do you feel it? It’s pretty clear that the market of early spring where we saw sellers making more money on home sales than ever, and buyers willing to do almost anything to get into a home has changed. Ever since late Spring, with the rise in interest rates, would-be sellers who were on the fence started to come out and list their homes seeing the max window of opportunity potentially closing.

The rise in inventory comes with it in certain markets, longer days on market, and the dreaded price reduction…I mean “price correction.” As the market shifts, does most Realtor’s marketing strategies. I want to discuss video content ideas when marketing to your ideal client in a changing market.

Setting Expectations

Sellers are usually behind the market curve from a standpoint that they think selling today or in 30 days is the same as their neighbor’s experience 90 days prior. We know that the real estate market is like being in a boat in the ocean, where inclement weather and other factors can change your experience pretty fast. With that in mind, the marketing messages on video, social media, and direct mail need to also change.

When I say the word “change” think of “setting realistic expectations.” You have sellers that get upset when they only have one offer on their home, or the offer is only at “list price.” Approaching that thinking is what you need to have in mind in creating these new expectations for sellers.

Video Content Ideas

If any of you have been reading my articles over the past couple of years, you know that I think “Video” is the best way to portray a valuable message to a target audience. These videos can be posted on YouTube, be Instagram reels, Tik Toc videos, and more. Here are some great video content ideas in a shifting market:

  • What to expect when selling your home in the Fall.
  • Rising interest rates: What it means for buyers and sellers!
  • Does inflation affect home values?
  • The importance of a good pricing strategy when selling your home this Fall.
  • Top 3 home items to upgrade that increase your home value for the Fall market.
  • Why waiting longer to purchase a home will cost you even more money.
  • My (Your) 90-day market projection on home values in neighborhood X or Y.

Shifting Market = Shifting Mindset

Taking the time to create effective content that educates your sphere, and target audience on the new set of expectations when selling in the Fall/Winter vs early Spring 2022 is super important. Shooting these videos, telling your stories, and providing helpful information is important. There will be a large benefit from a self-serving standpoint of addressing objections and issues upfront with your buyers and sellers.

The opposite is also true. Not getting out ahead of setting the proper client expectations can lead to some potentially uncomfortable conversations down the road when some of these issues come up. Set yourself apart from other Realtors by creating a portfolio of educational content that paints you as the market expert in a shifting real estate market.

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