Did you know that right now is a great time to refinance your home loan?  There are a lot of consumers out there that don’t realize that they can refinance or that there are ways to consolidate debt, save money, and lower their mortgage payment.  This can happen even with the rise of mortgage interest rates over the last few months.  Since I’m not a Loan Officer I brought in a client of mine, Tim Latham with MVB Mortgage to talk to everyone about why it still makes sense to refinance your home loan and what your options are in today’s market.

Here is a great informational video as to why you should refinance your home loan:

As you can see from this video there are plenty of refinancing options for you in the Northern VA, Washington DC area.  Many homeowners are unaware of what their options are and how they can still save money on their mortgage.  This could be the difference between having extra money for Christmas or even staying current on your mortgage by skipping a mortgage payment and having a lower monthly payment.  At the end of the day…know your options. I hope this video was helpful.

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