I was meeting with a Realtor at lunch today and she and I were talking about her business and how Stewart Title and Escrow could help provide solutions.  I asked her what kind of Title Company Marketing she was currently getting from our competitor?  Like 99% of Realtors in the DC area…she told me that her current Title Company offered little to no marketing services…except for gimmicks.  What she needed was real business solutions.  As a Realtor you world is ever changing especially as it applies to marketing to consumers.  If you don’t know HOW TO or WHAT TO do…how do you learn?  Is there someone that can teach you this new way of marketing? A partner in business perhaps?  As Real Estate agents you need answers to questions and help with your business as things change and evolve.  There is one party that fails you over and over…that is the Title Company.  Let me explain:

My Big Red Bag

Since moving from Phoenix, AZ in June of last year to the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area I have had a chance to compare how business is done and how Title Companies market to their ideal client…which is YOU the Realtor. There are some differences on how marketing and business is done on the west coast vs east coast, but there are also similarities.  One of them is the “Title Company Marketing Gimmick.”  You know what those are right?  The pen, pad of paper, candy, chap stick, card holder, iPad cleaner, small flashlight, stress balll, and all of these of other items that offers little to no value to the Realtor and does nothing in terms of helping you get found by your ideal client, target market for listings, or teach a Realtor something educational or valuable that results in more business and puts them ahead of their competition.

I was at a large Real Estate convention in October and what I like to do is walk around and look at the other booths.  I like to see HOW Company A is trying to be different from Company B.  Is there a difference and if so…what is it?  The one thing I noticed is that all of our Title Company competitors had one thing in common…they were handing out bags so the Realtors could stuff all of these “gimmicks” into them.  It looked like kids on an Easter egg hunt.  I saw Realtors just grabbing items and putting them in the bags without even talking to the Title people at the booths.  At one point I saw a Realtor with so much “stuff” in her bag that she was pushing it with a small dolly(photo below)!  I was thinking “what is in that red bag that is so valuable to this agent’s business?”  The answer is…NOTHING!  Realtors are conditioned to think that these gimmicks are actually valuable to their business and they need them…when in fact they are the opposite.

So…what is valuable to a Realtor’s business that a Title Company should offer?

  • Teach me how to get “Found Online” by people looking for me
  • How to use and implement Video in my Real Estate Business
  • Contact Management System that streamlines my entire Real Estate business
  • LEADS!-Renter/Short Sale/Geo Farms of subdivisions.  Help me Target Market so I stop wasting money!
  • Content Writing-teach me HOW  to blog and Optimize my content!  Or set me up with someone who can write for me.
  • How to use Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook for my Real Estate business and WHY
  • Teach me the processes on how to be effective, use my time wisely, and generate more business

In essence, the Title Company should help you in any way they can as it pertains to your business model…whatever that is. Gimmicks are nice…so is happy hour and baseball tickets.  Heck I like that, but if a Title Company really wants to be your “Partner” in business…they should act like one.  You send them all of your business right?  The least they can do is help you grow yours.

Empty the Bag

If you are a Real Estate agent or mortgage lender that needs help taking your business to the next level but not sure how or you think that the information and services above are more valuable than the large red bag of gimmicks, turn the bag over and empty it in the dumpster and fill out the form below.  I will contact you shortly to set up a business meeting about how Stewart Title and Escrow in Fairfax, VA can help you grow your business.  I look forward to helping you!

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