Your ability to enhance and increase your real estate video traffic just go a lot better.  How? YouTube Cards.  If you have been using YouTube as your platform of choice for your real estate videos you might have noticed that there were some cool things you could do to your videos in terms of editing and enhancements to make your videos more attractive and draw in traffic.  YouTube Cards is a NEW feature that allows you to insert “Cards” into your videos that are “calls to action.”  If you know me or have been to any or my real estate marketing classes in the Northern Virginia/DC area I say that a very important part of your videos has to be the calls to action.  Your goal is to get the person watching your video to do something else afterwards.  Lets talk about YouTube Cards, how to set them up and use them in your videos.

Got to Verify that Account!

To have the ability to use YouTube Cards your website has to be “Verified” by Google Webmaster Tools that you own it.  There are several ways you can get your account verified, but if you have a WordPress site the easiest way is to install the plugin “Verify.”  This plugin allows you to take the HTML code in the Google Webmasters Tool and copy/paste it into the plugin.  When you do this your account will be verified and you will good to go.  Even if you don’t want to use YouTube Cards, getting your site verified with Google is a good thing so I would do that anyway.

Using YouTube Cards

As of right now there are only 4 cards you can use.  The ones that apply most to real estate agents is “link to a website” and “link to another video or playlist.”  When you are talking in your video and mention your website name, take that moment and insert a Card that directly links your video to your website.  This will increase the traffic to your site where all of your information and value is stored.  Also, using a Card to link to your playlists are HUGE because the longer someone stays on your channel watching your videos the greater chance you have of converting them into a call or email appointment.  

Here is an example of using YouTube Cards:

Mobile Friendly?

Yes!  YouTube knows that over 50% of the videos that are watched on their platform are from mobile devices.  This also holds true for Google searches, so YouTube made their “Cards” feature very easy to use and mobile friendly.  On many smartphones you can upload a video to YouTube straight from your phone, so they made this feature super compatible to accommodate these users.


As you can see using YouTube Cards is a cool and easy thing to do that will increase your website traffic and people staying on your YouTube channel watching your videos. The end goal is to get that consumer to the point where when they finally contact you or meet you, they feel connected and know all about your value proposition.  When this happens your sales cycle is short and you do more business.

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