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Shopping to Save on Title Services – Setting the Record Straight

When I moved to the Washington DC/Northern Virginia area in June of 2012 I came across something in the Title Industry that I hadn't seen much of before.  That was "shopping to save on Title Services."  At first I was like "huh!?" You see, in Arizona where I came from the Title fees were [...]

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Split Settlement Closing for my Real Estate Transactions?

The split settlement closing...something that I see on a more frequent basis since moving to the East Coast from Phoenix, AZ.  As the Director of Sales/Marketing for Stewart Title and having been in the Title business since 2005, this type of transaction confuses me.  The reason it confuses me is because it complicates the [...]

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CFPB Proposed Rule Changes – How it Affects You!

The CFPB Proposed Rule Changes are here and the way we do business is going to be different...we think anyway.  What is the CFPB anyway?  CFPB stands for "Consumer Financial Protection Bureau." Another way of getting your attention as a Realtor or Mortgage lender is to say..."Did you know the HUD-1 is going away?"  [...]

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Real Estate Joint Ventures… Who Wins?

Having been in the Title Insurance business for the past 7 years doing Sales and Marketing I have run into pretty much every kind of objective possible as to why a Realtor or Mortgage Lender has a relationship with a Title Company or why they have to use Title Company X or Y.  Many [...]

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