Why Posting Other People’s Real Estate Content Hurts You

Having been in the Title Insurance business close to 10 years now (yes...it has been that long) I know that Real Estate agents LOVE to tell their friends and sphere the latest and greatest news.  They tell them everything...what the market is doing, homes that just sold, inventory levels, Government regulations, and so on.  [...]

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How to Convert Renters to Buyers in this Market

I was talking to a Northern Virginia Real Estate agent the other day and she said "you know what would be a good blog on your site?  How to convert renters to buyers in this market." Well, ask and ye shall receive.  So lets talk about it.  Its no secret that there are 2 [...]

2021-05-24T14:03:09-04:00July 24th, 2013|

How to Convert your Sphere of Influence into Paying Clients

The Spring "Selling Season" is here and people everywhere in the Northern Virginia and Washington DC area is talking about Real Estate...or so it seems.  There are so many buyers and not enough listings.  This is causing people to ask all kinds of questions about Real Estate.  "Is NOW a good time to sell?"  [...]

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