How Realtors Can Get Started with Video On the Cheap

Integrating something new into your real estate business can sometimes be hard. It is especially challenging for some if related to technology or seeing yourself on camera. Scary, I know! With that said, the upside of using video in your real estate business is huge. First, take a look at the other agents in your office. [...]

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Real Estate Transaction Issues -75 Things That Can Go Wrong

When it comes to real estate transaction issues, there is a lot that can happen. We have all been there, whether you are a Realtor, Lender, Title, Buyer/Seller. One of my lender clients sent me this amazing list and I felt that it could help my readership as well. I hope this is helpful [...]

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Can Real Estate Agents Be Forced to Use Certain Vendors?

We have seen it many times…the managing real estate broker or office manager pushing hard for their agents to use certain vendors. Myself, have dealt with this when an agent says, “Wade, sorry…I wanted to send you the business but my office manager told me to use the Title Company where our office has [...]

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