WordPress Plugins for your Real Estate Website-Uploading and Installing

I hope that everyone had a great Thanksgiving holiday!  Now that you are done gorging yourself it is time to start ramping up your Real Estate marketing for 2013!  If you have read my previous blogs there are 2 things that I am a huge proponent of...and that is WordPress being the platform in [...]

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Your 2013 Real Estate Marketing Plan…Time to Upgrade!

This week is Thanksgiving! Wow...how did 2012 fly by so quickly?  In the Title business this is my least favorite time of the year.  Not because I don't like the holidays...I love them!  The reason I don't like this time of the year is because Realtors and Lenders usually take this 5 week span [...]

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The Fastest Way to get a Real Estate Listing – RIGHT NOW!

In the Real Estate business there is a saying called "List to Last."  What that means in essence is to have a sustainable business in Real Estate you have to generate listings.  Yes...buyers are good as well but they are like shooting deer in the woods.  Once you sell them a house they are done [...]

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How to Protect your Real Estate Brand and Reputation-Online

We all have a reputation.  Our reputation defines us...defines our business.  You have a good reputation in Real Estate it can mean that others want to work with you, for some reason you don't, it can mean bad things going forward.  So how do we Really know if we have a good reputation online?  [...]

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Consumers Have Voted Out Your Real Estate Marketing Program

As we all know the Presidential Election is tomorrow (Go Vote!) and over the last 8 months or so we have been bombarded by all kinds of messages from both parties.  Most of these messages are unwanted spam and we have gotten to the point where we just ignore them.  The ads on the [...]

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