In the Real Estate business there is a saying called “List to Last.”  What that means in essence is to have a sustainable business in Real Estate you have to generate listings.  Yes…buyers are good as well but they are like shooting deer in the woods.  Once you sell them a house they are done and buyers can be very time consuming.  Ever driven a buyer around for 3 weekends straight and they STILL didn’t buy anything?  That can not only be super frustrating but also costly in terms of your time and wallet.  In my 7.5yrs working in Title Insurance Sales it is also my experience that the agent that has the most listings…usually has the most buyers.  When I meet with Real Estate agents on a daily basis helping them grow their business, what I hear often is “Wade…how can you help me get more listings?”   There are a TON of ways to generate listings and as we move into the slower season in Real Estate…I also hear from Realtors…“I need Listings RIGHT NOW!  How can you help?”  Since I hear this fairly often, I thought I would share with you the fastest way to get a Real Estate listing right NOW!

Do the Dirty Work

To get a Listing quickly, most of the time you have to be willing do things that other Realtors won’t. This may sound scary but it shouldn’t.  Your job as a Realtor is WAY too competitive to have you do the same thing as your competitors.  You have to be willing to branch out and get dirty.  This means calling Expired and Cancelled Listings.  Cold calling??  AHH!!  Scary!  Not so fast.  Think of it this way…instead of talking to someone who has not listed their home and convincing them too, you are calling people who already had their home listed with another Realtor and for some reason it didn’t sell or was taken off the market.  There are many subscription services out there that will feed you the data in your area of people who have an expired or cancelled listing(Red X).  There are also MANY scripts out there (Tom Ferry, etc.) that allow you to call these people and feel comfortable on the phone.  If you make expired and cancelled listings a focus in your business and call on them daily, you will have several listing appointments in a short period of time.


If you currently have zero listing and want to get one NOW…you have to be talking to FSBO’s(For Sale By Owner’s).  These are people that currently have their home listed…just not with an agent.  Why!?  They think they can sell it themselves faster than you can…and they don’t want to pay you. Having said that…stats show that FSBO’s usually end up listing with a Realtor down the road because they don’t have the home priced right or know the proper steps to sell/market their home, or negotiate the purchase contract.  Go to and get a subscription to FSBO’s and start calling, mailing, and stopping by their homes.  Again, make this a priority and you will have a listing appointment in a short period of time.

Short Sales

Short Sales are a great way to get listing right now.  The motivation to sell how NOTHING to do with highest and best price.  The mind set of a homeowner needing to short sale is “get me out of here…just get it sold!” Getting lists of homeowners that are only 30-60 days late (Stewart Title can provide this) is important.  That way you can identify who needs your services right now.  There are many ways to reach out and educate these homeowners on their options.  You can call, mail, hold short sale seminars, or even knock on their door if you are willing.  This is low hanging fruit in the Real Estate listing world.

Sphere of Influence

ALWAYS…be in touch with your sphere.  These are people who know you and should be referring you out to others.  Email, mail, and call them on a monthly basis and touch base.  Don’t forget to ask them for referral business.  Chances are they know someone who needs to buy or sell.  Remember…if you are top of mind with your sphere you will win.


Outlined above are 4 different groups that I feel should be an immediate priority to get a Real Estate listing right now.  Time block off a couple hours every morning(9am-11am) and make your calls, send out your letters to these people and always follow up.  Most of these people won’t list right away but if you keep on them they will ask you to come out and meet  regarding listing.  Generating at least one listing a month off each of these groups that is a good goal and I would like to help you get there!

My name is Wade Vander Molen and I am the Director of Sales/Marketing for Stewart Title and Escrow in Washington, DC, and Northern Virginia.  I help Realtors just like your grow their Real Estate business.  If you need listings, contact management systems, Farms, Short Sale Leads, Renter Leads, getting found online, please fill out the form below and I will contact you shortly!

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