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Why You Should Refinance your FHA Loan before June 3rd 2013

Do you have an FHA Loan?  An FHA Loan is a mortgage loan you might currently have on your home.  If you do, you should refinance your FHA loan before June 3rd as some changes are on the way that could cost you more money.  The main selling point of FHA (Federal Housing Administration) [...]

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How to Get 4000 NEW Real Estate Listings

Christmas time is here.  The end of 2012 and Realtors and Lenders alike are looking back at what they did or didn't do in 2012 and also set goals and aspirations for the year to come.  As the Director of Sales and Marketing for Stewart Title in Northern Virginia/Washington DC I meet with Real [...]

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Home Buyers – Why Move to Arlington, Virginia

For over 10 years I lived in a fantastic place in America...Phoenix, AZ.  It was summer all the time, a lot of outdoor activities, and if you are an avid golfer...HEAVEN!  About 3.5 months ago I moved to the Washington DC area and am adjusting nicely.  If you read my blogs you know that [...]

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Refinance or Short Sale? Why its a Good Idea to Consider Both!

You may not know it but we are currently experiencing a time in Real Estate that has never existed before...EVER.  The market was so hot in 2004-2006, then the market crashed in August in 2007 with interest rates in the 6.5% range.  Housing values took a huge dive!  Some markets were hurt more than [...]

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