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Why Sellers are Asking Realtors to Lower their Commission

I was at a real estate event this past week and I had a conversation with a top producing agent.  She told me she recently went on a listing appointment and the sellers had interviewed 4 agents.  She was the last one in the door.  She went on and explained that the sellers wanted [...]

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How Realtors Can Stay Motivated and Avoid Burn Out

In any job, the feeling of "burnout" hits from time to time.  Even those overzealous Realtors, Lenders, and Title Company professionals who rave about how much they "love their craft" have hit the wall.  That feeling where fatigue hits and we need that extra motivation to keep going at a high level.  I have [...]

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How to Get Buyers Off the Fence Before December Rate Hike

The economy is improving.  Jobs have increased and the unemployment rate has fallen to 5%.  This is all great news for our country and real estate.  It also means that the Federal Reserve is more inclined to raise interest rates.  The “Fed” has had interest rates very low for quite some time.  This has [...]

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MRIS Portals Listings to Zillow – Is this Good for Agents?

An agreement has been reached so our local MRIS portals listings to Zillow. How did this happen? For a while now there have been rumblings that Zillow was in trouble. Big Trouble. It all began when a man you may have heard of named Rupert Murdoch, who owns News Corp. purchased a company called [...]

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What I Learned as a Title Sale Rep at Keller Williams Mega Camp

I went down to Austin Texas in September as a "guest" of Keller Williams to check out the Keller Williams Mega Camp.  If you don't know what the "Mega Camp"'s a large gathering of the Keller Williams Leadership that includes, Regional Directors, Owners, Operating Principals, Team Leaders, and of course Gary Keller and [...]

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What Realtors can Learn from the Ice Bucket Challenge

Have you taken or been nominated for the Ice Bucket Challenge? I have seen this challenge done all over the internet via, Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.  Some have been done fantastically, and others were also funny, but mostly because of a funny mishap of dropped water or something crashing on the person's head.  All kidding [...]

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Why Zillow Buying Trulia can be Scary for Real Estate Agents

So...this happened.  Not surprising really.  For years Zillow, Trulia, and have been battling it out for a while and even though there will still be 3 is really just 2. I have seen on my Facebook feed many Realtors saying things like "Zillow buying Trulia is going to be awesome!" Or..."Zillow buying [...]

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Chesterbrook Woods Subdivision – An Amazing Neighborhood

I came across Chesterbrook Woods Subdivision not long ago as I was holding a broker open for one of my real estate clients.  I decided to drive around this gorgeous area and check it out.  What I found is  Chesterbrook Woods Subdivision is a very quiet place filled with many upscale properties.  The average [...]

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Keller Williams Family Reunion 2014 – What to do in Phoenix

Are you a Keller Williams agent and heading to the Valley of the Sun next week for Keller Williams Family Reunion? If you are, you are probably wondering what there is to do in downtown Phoenix and the surrounding area like Scottsdale.  I lived in the Phoenix area for 11yrs doing what I do [...]

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Why it Still Makes Sense to Refinance Your Home Loan – Right Now!

Did you know that right now is a great time to refinance your home loan?  There are a lot of consumers out there that don't realize that they can refinance or that there are ways to consolidate debt, save money, and lower their mortgage payment.  This can happen even with the rise of mortgage [...]

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