Direct mail marketing isn’t dead. Many real estate agents around the country have massive success with direct mail marketing pieces. There is a reason for this. They send their direct mail to very specific audiences so that means very specific messages. They also have another trick up their sleeve, and that is they don’t try to convert anyone from their postcards. These agents know that if the goal is to get a direct seller from the postcard it is very difficult. When was the last time a postcard made you drop what you were doing and pick up the phone to make a call? Here is a great idea to convert more people into your sales funnel from your direct mail marketing postcards.

Super Bowl Story

A couple of years ago during the Super Bowl, there was a commercial where there was a QR code box that floated around the screen, bouncing off the sides. It made no noise and when it came on, people were confused. No noise or sound, just a QR code floating around? What a waste of money considering how expensive it is to run an ad during the Super Bowl. Then millions of people all over the country did something. They pulled out their phones and scanned that QR code. That is exactly what the company running the ad wanted the people watching the commercial to do.

When the viewers scanned the QR code, it took the consumer to the exact place the company wanted them to go. It was their company website, direct product, or perhaps a video. This was brilliant and a move that every Realtor who has a farm, or sends out direct mail regularly should adopt.


The reason this marketing strategy works so well is the fear of missing out. What happens when you scan the QR code? Where does it take you? Is it something amazing that I also need to see? In 2024 it is very hard to convert a consumer simply off a postcard. Sure, you can get a call or reach out but the conversion is very low. The goal is to get the consumer to go where you want them to go–your website or a video of you speaking about the value you bring and what problems you solve. Tapping into the FOMO of the consumer will greatly increase the number of people you are marketing to who will land in the exact spot you intended all along.

The Plan of Action

Send your farm or target audience the decision of where you want your target audience to land after they scan the QR code. My preference would be a professional video introducing yourself to your audience. The video could also cover going over the market stats or inviting the homeowner to a local event. The second could be a landing page where the homeowner can get a free home evaluation or some other valuable information. The goal is to drive the homeowner to a place where they can get to know you better and become a  lead through filling out information.

Direct mail isn’t dead. The approach just needs to change to fit the marketing responsiveness of the 2024 consumer. Happy mailing!

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