There is one thing that Real Estate agents value above all others…TIME!  Time is very valuable because as a busy Real Estate agent you are showing homes, going to inspections, dealing with appraisals, managing your leads and getting back to people, and closing your escrows on time at Stewart Title and Escrow in Fairfax, VA.  With all of these things going on throughout your week where does the time come in to do your Real Estate marketing to past clients, your sphere, and most importantly…to new people who don’t know you or your value? You have to develop systems to Streamline your Real Estate Marketing.  There are several ways in which you can do this…lets talk about them:

Time Blocking

We can all agree that prospecting and lead generating for new business is important in Real Estate.  You are very busy but you must make time.  The best way is to “Time Block.”  Time Blocking is when you set a specific range of time and dedicate that time to lead generation.  An example would be to take 8am-10am every morning or every other morning to call Expired and Cancelled Listings, FSBO’s, write your blogs, shoot and upload your videos to your WordPress website, or call your past clients and sphere asking for referrals.  The life of a busy Realtor without time blocking can be chaotic.  There has to be order in the chaos…and this is a great way to bring that order. 

Stop Doing What Doesn’t Work

This seems like an obvious statement but I see it all the time as I meet with Realtors and Lenders.  I see Realtors all the time that keep doing the same thing with their Real Estate marketing that nets little or no results…then they keep doing it!  The Realtor that sends out 2000 postcards to a generic farm area with no real target, the agent with the static website that has no content/videos/client testimonials then they say that their site “doesn’t work.”  When beginning your Real Estate marketing talk to your target audience and ask them questions as to what they would do when looking for your services.  Take heade as to what you are hearing since this is the consumer and build your marketing around what you hear.  Ask yourself “Would I respond to my own Real Estate Marketing?”  DON’T talk to other Realtors in your office about what they are doing.  I say this not because other Realtors in your office don’t have great systems or ideas that work but many times you won’t be talking to one of those people and you will get bad info.  Your target market is Consumers NOT other Realtors!

Use a CRM

As a Realtor you are busy showing homes, negotiation contracts, attending walk through’s, closings, and trying to market for new business.  It is very hard to be successful to your fullest potential unless your database, contacts, and Real Estate life is in one place!  You have seen the Realtor with their database in excel, Outlook, sticky notes, and other places.  How do you sort all of that out and create a smooth system and categories?  Having a good, easy to use Contact/Transaction Management System is the key.  Using something like Wise Agent is what I personally recommend but there are others out there.  If you use one and it works for you keep doing it…if you don’t use one check out Wise Agent…best money you will spend in Real Estate.

Website…That Works

Get a good Real Estate website…preferably WordPress and start adding Content.  Content is blogs, videos, testimonials, and other information that answers questions to your target audience’s questions.  Not all Real Estate agents are the same…neither are websites.  Set yourself apart from all the other crappy Real Estate agent websites and engage the client so they stay on your site and sign up to be contacted by you.  WordPress is also very easy to use, manage, and update. 

Get Teammates

Just as in sports it is tough to win a game on your own.  You need teammates to help you.  A good teammate is your Title Company Sales Rep.  If your Title Company just closes your files and brings donuts to your office meetings you might want to consider dumping them for another Title Company that offers the value add of a Sales Rep that can be your teammate in business.  This person will leverage your time and marketing by helping you grow your business by offering great information, business building ideas, target marketing strategies, targeted data lists, CRM, teach you how to blog, shoot video, and get found online by people looking for your services.  On top of all of that they will connect you with a great escrow staff with experience that can make you look good to your clients!  Teammates are important to your success in Real Estate.  If your current teammates aren’t pulling their weight…cut them from the team.

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