As the Director of Sales and Marketing for Stewart Title and Escrow in the Northern Virginia/Washington DC area I meet with Real Estate Agents and Mortgage Lenders everyday.  Each person that I meet with has different needs but they also have some of the same things in common.  One of these common things is…they ALL would like to know how to shorten their sales cycle.  It makes sense…if you can shorten your sales cycle then you should have to deal with less objections to overcome, close more transactions which leads to more commissions, etc.  There is one thing that only 2% of Realtors use in their business but it is the 100% way to shorten your real Estate sales cycle.  What is this great tool you ask??  VIDEO!!!

Video is your Friend

Realtors mostly all market the same way.  They either do very little, or “not as much as I should,” or they do what most other agents do: send out postcards, newsletters, call people asking for business, hand out business cards, recipe cards, sports schedules to their sphere.  Do these marketing tactics work?  Not very effectively in today’s world, but for some it does show a benefit.  The problem is that if every agent markets this way how is the average consumer supposed to know the difference between YOU and your competition?  Those marketing tactics also don’t provide much opportunity to show your value.  Anyone can send out a sports schedule or recipe card right?  It also doesn’t help answer your ideal client’s questions or solve their problems. 

Today only 2% of Real Estate agents are using Video in their marketing…yet YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world with over 2 Million videos watched every second.  I bet you also go to YouTube to watch videos on something you want to buy, place to visit, or HOW TO do something.  Guess what?  So does your ideal client!  The people you are trying to do business with.  What if you created short, educational videos for your target clients about:

  1. Why its a great time to buy a home in XYZ City/Sub
  2. The difference between a Short Sale and Foreclosure
  3. Why you should do a successful Short Sale in Arlington
  4. The top 5 things to consider when Selling your home
  5. The top 5 things to consider when Buying  a home
  6. How low interest rates allow you to buy MORE house
  7. How long after I close escrow to I get my proceeds?
  8. Wade’s best deals of the week
  9. Wade’s new listing of the week
  10. The difference between an FHA, VA, and Conventional Loan

These are just 10 videos that your ideal client/sphere/prospects would find valuable.  It would be easy to come up with 50 more topics.  Video also allows consumers to SEE you, HEAR you, and get to know your value.  When you educate, you also answer questions.  When you answer questions, you remove objections.  Removing objections will allow you dramatically shorten your sales cycle with clients.

Get Ahead of your Competitors

What a great way to get ahead of ALL of the other Realtors and Mortgage Lenders that are marketing the OLD way?  Imagine being able to reach out and communicate, engage, and educate a massive amount of people that need answers to their questions…except they can find those answers, with your videos on your YouTube Channel and Real Estate website.  Also imagine meeting these people after they have watched your videos.  By this time you have showed your value, and most of their objections are off the table and now they feel like they know you.  Sounds a lot better and effective than sending out postcards, recipe cards, magnets, and sports schedules right??  Video in my opinion is by far the Future of your Real Estate business.  Video is only getting bigger and bigger.  The sooner you start using it in your Real Estate marketing the more ahead of your competition you will be.  Think of a big Realtor that dominates a certain part of the market or subdivision.  Are they using video?  No?  You know what to do…

If you are looking to start using video in your Real Estate business, or need help with your Real Estate marketing, Stewart Title and Escrow is dedicated to help you grow.  Please fill out the form below and I will be in touch with shortly to set 1 on 1 appointment. 

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