Facebook.  I have an account…you probably have an account as do your friends/family? There are roughly 1 Billion users worldwide.  That is unbelievable!  Take into account that China has its own Social Media site so Facebook is rarely used there so that means roughly 20% of ALL the people in the world have a Facebook profile.  I got my Facebook account in 2009, so you could say that I wasn’t one of the first people on board, but once I did have an account I soon found it as a great way to not only talk to friends and old classmates that I hadn’t spoken to in a long time, but also a great message board to promote or convey your value in business.  That was then…and this is 2012.  Facebook has made many changes in the last 3 years, some good, some not as good, but what I can tell you is that Facebook Marketing for Real Estate has never been as least effective as it is right now.

Stop Spamming

When Facebook becoming a publicly traded company in Spring 2012 it changed the way we look at the messages that see on Facebook.   Not sure about you but when I scroll through my “News Feed” on FB I don’t see as many status updates as I used to.  What I do see a lot of are ads, recommendations, and other commercial posts recommending I “Like” something because someone else on my Friends list did.  It is never ending SPAM!  You know who else likes to spam consumers on Facebook?  Real Estate Agents.  No offense, but telling me that you have a listing coming on next week or have an open house this weekend is spam to the average consumer.  Not that what you are posting isn’t good information, its that it isn’t specific information for a specific audience.  The average consumer on your FB page doesn’t care about your listing or open house and will see it as spam.  What do you do when someone keeps posting religious, political, or something you don’t care to read over and over?  That’s right…you scroll past it because when you see their name coming up in the news feed you now have the pre-conceived notion that their post is not of value so you will ignore it.  So as the average consumer, we now know we have to scroll through the “News Feed” on your FB profile to see a real status update every 3rd post because now it is filled with ads. FB does this now so they can make money and a profit on Wall Street. Do you want to also be spammed by a Realtor telling you about how great their business is or their listing?  The clear answer is NO.

Everyday as consumers we are bombarded by Spam messages.  On the Radio, TV, Internet, Telemarketers, etc.  We are becoming programmed to ignore these messages because they are “white noise.” As a consumer, when you have a need to buy or sell a home do you go to Facebook?  No.  You go to Google, Yahoo, Bing, and YouTube.  You go to Realtor.com, Trulia, Zillow, or another Real Estate website…not Facebook. 

Your HUB

Having said the above…does that mean you should stop posting relevant Real Estate related content on your FB page?  No!  You see…the consumer does not go to FB to look up Real Estate information or begin a home buying search.  What they do do is go to Facebook to chat, catch up with family, friends, and people they are reconnecting with.  If you are on someone’s FB account I assume you fit one of those three categories.  Use your FB account to engage these people and post educational content that goes back to your HUB…your Real Estate website!  THAT is where you want these people to be.  If they are on your Real Estate website that means they have a specific need…or at least are interested.  This is where they can browse your listings, read your informational blogs, see your Real Estate videos, and you can convey a strong message and VALUE!  Here you are not spamming the consumer…you are educating them. 


There are around 1 Billion people on Facebook so using it as a tool to reach people for FREE and let them know your value and how you can help them is a must.  Spamming your friends and family regarding your listings, how great of a Realtor you are, and posting bad content is a big NO NO.  Use Facebook, Twitter, and other Social Media outlets to connect to your sphere, friends, and family and build those relationships.  Post educational and engaging content that drives them where you want them…to your Real Estate website.  Here is where you convey your strong message and Value.  Don’t get blocked or passed over on FB by spamming your friends.  Create great blogs, videos, and helpful information on your website and drive everyone there.

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