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Going forward in your Real Estate business one way to start growing your business is to do one simple thing that will take you only a couple of minutes.  That one thing is setting up a Gmail account…if you haven’t done so already.  I know…I know, you are probably wondering why you should do that and how does that make you a better Realtor, or how does that help my business?  Here’s how:

Two Types of Realtors

Going forward in Real Estate there will be only 2 types of Real Estate agents: Those who use Video in their business, and those who do not.  As of right now, only 2% of Real Estate agents actively use Video in their business.  So, if you currently don’t NOW is the time to leap frog your competition and do something that they are not doing to get many more eyeballs to YOU, your VALUE, and your WEBSITE.  Look at your own behavior?  Do you watch videos?  What do you watch videos of? Where do you watch them? Smart phone? Video gives you a chance to show the consumer your voice, personality, your value, your message, and it lasts FOREVER!  Where do most people go to watch videos online?  They go a little place called YouTube.  YouTube is owned by Google, and has 55% of ALL video traffic on the Internet.  It makes sense to have a presence there as it pertains to Real Estate.  There is one thing you have to do FIRST before you can have a YouTube Channel, and that is set up a Gmail account.  Gmail is the email system that is brought to you by Google.  The steps are very easy to do.  Below is a fantastic video that my friend Stephen Garner in Phoenix, AZ  made.  It is so great, I thought I would share it with you outlining the steps.  Here is how you do it:

Setting up your Gmail Account

As you can see from this video it is fairly easy to do and doesn’t cost you any money.  Now that you have your Gmail account set up you can freely upload Videos to your YouTube Channel.  You log into Google with your Gmail username and password and you can upload videos.  Be sure to pick your YouTube channel name as it pertains to your business.  For example mine is “DCTitleGuy.” Yours could be your name, but it could also be the name of the Subdivision you Farm, or what you specialize in such as, “Your Virginia Short Sale Realtor.”  The name is up to you but branding is the key.

One other Purpose

The last purpose for setting up a Gmail account is also very important.  The purpose is so that you have an email address for your Real Estate business that you own. In my previous blogs I speak a lot about “Ownership” and the importance it plays in your Real Estate business.  The importance of having the Gmail email is that since you own it, there is no way it can be taken away from you in the circumstance that you leave your current Real Estate brokerage for another.  You don’t want to send out that dreaded email to 500 people in your sphere and say “Hey, its Wade…I know that you have been getting emails from me over the last 7 years at XYZ email address, but I am no longer with that company.  My new email address is:Setting up a Gmail account stops that from EVER happening. 

Ready to Switch Title Companies for 2013?

Going forward in 2013, take a look at your current Title Company and ask yourself: “What are they REALLY doing to help me grow my business?  If the answer is not much or nothing… why are you working with them?  At Stewart Title and Escrow we work closely with our clients helping them grow their business. 

  • Data Leads
  • Website Blogging-help getting “Found Online.”
  • Farm Lists-Subdivisions
  • iPad Training
  • Short Sale Programs
  • 30-60 day homeowner late leads
  • Video Training for your Website and YouTube
  • Contact Management System-Wise Agent

I can go on and on but these tools are just some of the things we offer our clients.  If you are ready for a new relationship that is a 2 way street, please fill out the form below and I will help you shortly!

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