I know that this doesn’t get verbalized all the time, or much at all but it has to be played over and over in the mind of a Real Estate agent that just got their license….”I’m just got my Real Estate License. Now, what do I do?”  If you think about it, it’s a weird thing to say. In other industries that is not what happens.  You go into a profession with an understanding of what is expected of you and usually, there are people already waiting for your services.  Real Estate is the exact opposite. You pay a fee, pass a series of tests and then BAM, you are a Real Estate agent with no clients lined up for your services.

It is now your job to get clients who want to list or buy a home. Seems easy, but not so fast. The reality is that most Realtors FAIL in the business and many others don’t make over $50,000 a year.  In the massive sea of “Vanilla” that is the Real Estate industry…how does a newbie get started?

First things first…

After you get licensed and settled in at your Real Estate brokerage you probably hear things like, “Call your friends and family, send them a letter letting them know you are a Realtor or pass your business card out to as many people as you know.”  Does this generate business? Yes, it can…but this should not necessarily be your FIRST set of actions.  You do need to let your sphere know that you are in the business because you need to be “top of mind” but one of your first set of actions is getting these people in a real estate CRM.  I recommend “Wise Agent” as a CRM to get started. Get your database in a program that is specific to Real Estate so your database can be working for you instead of just sitting in an excel file or Outlook.  Get these systems set up and in place so you can strategically market to the people who should be your best referral sources…then start marketing to them and ASKING for business…something like this:

“Hey, ____ this is Wade…how are you?  The reason I’m calling is that I want to let you know that I quit my job.  HUH??  “Yes, it’s a good thing.  I’m now a full-time Real Estate agent and I’m excited for this new career venture.  I wanted to reach out to you because as a family member/close friend you have my best interest at heart and want me to succeed.  Do you know a co-worker, neighbor, or friend who is thinking of buying or selling their home in the next month or two?  You don’t have to tell me now but if do can you please refer me to their contact information so I can reach out and help them?  It would mean a lot to me.  Thank you!” 

This is something that is basic but will produce names.  Make this call to 20 people who you currently have relationships with and good things will happen.

Your Online Storefront

By storefront, I mean a website…that you OWN!  Thanks, brokerage A for that free website but in the world of SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and your personal business I would leave it alone.  Most of these sites look alike and Google, Yahoo, and Bing will not give it ranking.  Also, you want to have ownership of your site so get a self-hosted WordPress website that allows you to optimize, add blogs, videos, and get “found online” faster.

As a Realtor, you are putting your Value inside your storefront…your website.  When marketing to your sphere or people you don’t have relationships with, what are they going to find when they get to your website?  Do you answer their questions and solve their problems or is it generic and boring?  Fill your storefront with blogs, listings, videos, and educational content that makes the consumer smarter!   Realtors greatly underestimate the importance of their website in their business, yet over 90% of people start their home buying search here…first.


This is HUGE!  Remember, you are one Realtor in a sea of thousands!  So what makes you different?  What is your Value Proposition?  Brand yourself so the consumer knows WHO you are and what you do decidedly better than your competition.  Do you work mostly with buyers?  Sellers?  Short Sales?  Sphere only? Online Leads?  Know your audience and brand yourself accordingly.  Brand your website, Twitter, Facebook, direct mail, newsletter, blogs, videos, EVERYTHING so when the consumer sees your marketing they know exactly who it is and what you do.  That way you will stand out in the Realtor sea of Vanilla.

Find Your Teammates

Did you know Real Estate is a team sport?  It can be if you do it right.  Find a good team of people that will help you grow your business. This means a good mortgage lender…if you don’t have a good LO to close your loans that is an issue.  Find a good one you can rely on and help you as you learn the business.  Find a good Title Company that not only preaches “good service” (everyone says that) but helps you with your Real Estate marketing and can assist in marketing strategies that help you get found online, get leads, more buyers, listings, and more eyes to YOU and your VALUE.  Most Title Companies DO NOT offer these services…you are in luck because Stewart Title does.

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