Just last week the hugely popular Social Media platform Instagram just launched a “Video Feature” that allows the user to shoot and edit up to 15 seconds of video.  I was pretty excited when I saw this update and immediately the endless marketing thoughts and opportunities went through my head.  This is AMAZING!  If I was a Real Estate agent how could I leverage this to my advantage and use Instagram Video in Real Estate?  Before I go crazy and tell you how awesome this is for YOU the Real Estate agent…lets back and up and talk about what Instagram is.

What is Instagram?

First off…do you have an account?  If you don’t I recommended getting one, right after you read this blog and get familiar with it.  Just like I tell Real Estate agents that they will be using Video in their business, they just don’t know it yet, you will also be using Instagram and Instagram Video in Real Estate as well.  Instagram is owned by Facebook but it is NOT Facebook.  Instagram currently has over 130 Million users and growing by leaps and bounds every single month.  Instagram is a website but most of its users have it as an application on their phone…which is a free download in the App store.  Instagram allows you to take pictures and then change them into 15 different filtered versions to make it look better or even black and white.  You post the pictures in a timeline and people can “like” the pictures or post comments.  You can also tag people, create hashtags and other fun things.  One of the best features of Instagram is that your picture and title can be posted straight to other social media sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Flicker all at once.  Now that you know a little about Instagram…lets talk about using Instagram Video in Real Estate, when to use it, what to do, and what not to do.

What Not to Do

When it comes to any social media site there are always Do’s and Don’ts.  Lets start with some basics of what NOT to do when using Instagram Video in Real Estate.

  1. Dumping and not Engaging:   What this means is don’t over-post and make what you are posting just very random and boring.  No one wants to watch boring video and if your over posting (dumping) people will stop watching and scroll past.
  2. Self Promotion:  Again, people want you to care about them…not watch you care about yourself.  Make the videos fun and engaging…make me want more.
  3. Make it ONLY about Business: People want to see that you are a real person too.  Don’t make it strictly about business…if that’s the case go get a Facebook Business Page and just use that.
  4. Not sending your Videos to other Social Media Sites: One of the cool things as I mentioned is that you can also post directly to your FB and Twitter from Instagram.  If you aren’t doing it you are not reaching the maximum amount of people.
  5. Hashtag what??: Don’t overuse Hashtags.  It is really annoying and you come off looking like a 15yr old. Learn how to use them correctly.

What TO DO

  1.  Post Engaging Videos: Look at your video…would you watch it?  Make sure you post relevant things that make people want to watch your future videos.
  2. Know your Audience: Know WHO you are trying to reach with each post. Friends? Family? Prospects?  Sphere? Just for fun?  Try to have a purpose and a target for what you are posting.
  3. Use the Edit Feature:  Use the start and stop feature to cut away and start videos.  They don’t have to be all in one 15 second record.  Be strategic and do three 5 second videos.  Creative is good.
  4. Tag People and Use a Hashtag: Notice I said Hashtag not (s).  Use this as an opportunity to talk and engage people and offer a hashtag that is relevant to the video.
  5. Send the Video out to other Social Media Sites: Send the video Facebook, Twitter, Flicker, or any other accounts you have that supports video.  It allows you get in front the maximum amount of people. Tell me people to follow you on Instagram to gain followers.
  6. Keep Taking Photos!: The reason people followed you on Instagram in the first place was because of YOU and your photos.  If you just post video people will think you just replaced your Vine account with Instagram Video.

Wanna See How it Works??

Here is a really good video explaining HOW to use Instagram Video and how it compares to “Vine” which is another social media platform that allows you to shoot 6 second videos. 

As you can see it is not only pretty cool but has endless opportunities for YOU to use Instagram Video in Real Estate and get your value message out to your clients.

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