2019 is almost here, and now is the time when Realtors, lenders, and Title professionals start setting next year’s goals. Setting goals is important as they are short-term and long-term guides to personal and business growth. As a Realtor, I’m sure you have many goals for next year, but I want to focus on three important real estate goals in 2019 that will help you personally and professionally.

Transaction Goals

We all have transaction goals in mind. I tell my Realtor clients to set measurable goals that are obtainable. It’s easy to throw out a crazy number, but if there is no plan in place to reach that challenging goal, then it’s just a number. Breaking it down further, and setting quarterly goals can help to focus on tasks right in front of you versus a large yearly number. For reference, there are roughly 1.3 million licensed Realtors in the US and 3% close 25 or more transactions a year. Shoot for that 25 transactions number, and if that’s and easy goal to hit, shoot for a higher goal (50, 80, etc) and put an effective marketing plan in place to achieve it.

Get Uncomfortable

It’s easy to set goals and do the business tasks we have always done, but as the real estate industry is constantly evolving, new implementation becomes necessary. The fear of failure drives most people to do things that makes them uncomfortable to achieve success. Realtors are no different in this regard. To get to the next level and evolve, it takes getting uncomfortable. Maybe it’s public speaking, shooting videos, using Instagram, or making calls to people you really don’t want to talk to. All of the items mentioned can help gain business, and get more qualified eyes to you. Most won’t take the necessary steps to do them, which is exactly why you should. Find what makes you uneasy and go for it. If you are uncomfortable about certain business implementations, so are other Realtors, but executing and moving forward will help you to stand out in a crowd.

Figure out your “Why”

We are all in this business for a reason or multiple reasons, but to act accordingly on your goals, it’s important to understand your “why.” For me, my “why” is my family, just as I’m sure many of you are similar. I know that the real estate field is a great vehicle to gain financial freedom and that freedom helps provide for my family now and in further generations. This leads to “how do we create that financial freedom?” We do it by setting the goal of how many new weekly conversations can I create, how many client problems can I solve, how many existing relationships can I expand upon and more. To know where you are headed, it’s important to know your “why.”

Setting measurable and obtainable goals is key to the success in any business. When taking the time to create your real estate goals in 2019, consider implementing something that will make you uncomfortable, but cause you to grow. Figure out your “why” and your weekly conversations, and lastly, how that correlates to that quarterly and annual transaction number.

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